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advent calendar 12

Advent Calendar …


raspberry vinegar

In the summer I drank this diluted with soda water. Nobody else did. The rest of the family pulled faces and wouldn’t even try it. Tonight I shall drink it diluted with hot water. Alone of course. If I had a sore throat I’d mix it half and half with hot water and sip it very slowly. Somehow the sting of the vinegar counteracts the soreness of the throat. As I don’t have a sore throat, I’ll use more hot water to make a warming fruity drink.


rosehip syrup

Advent calendar

rosehip syrup

Made in the autumn using the recipe from Preserves by Pam Corbin.

The recipe is based on one issued by the Ministry of Defence during WWII when vitamin C rich rosehip syrup was fed to the nation’s children and I feel I should line up the family and give them a spoonful of Rosehip Syrup every morning, like a School Nurse.

Diluted with water, this makes a good cordial or it can be added to fruit salads or drizzled over ice cream. Tonight I think we may have a hot toddy. Pour a dram of whisky, the juice of half a lemon and a measure of rosehip syrup into a small glass and top up with just boiled water. Putting a spoon into the glass helps prevent it cracking, should it be of a fragile nature. Add a slither of lemon peel for decoration if you think it needs it. Wait for it to cool a little so you don’t burn yourself.