Blackberry Tart | Autumn/Fall Menu | Dessert

Anne Wheaton:

If you’re looking for something to do with your autumn blackberries, there’s a recipe here for a simple tart.

Originally posted on The Dinner Party Collective:

Blackberry Tart | The Dinner Party Collective

If dinner is to start with modest autumn vegetables, it seems entirely suitable to end it with a modest autumn fruit, which the blackberry surely is. By the time we reach this course everyone should be relaxed and sociable so I like to place a dessert in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves. This also means that guests choose their preferred portion size or indeed come back for a second helping.

The tart consists of a pastry case, filled with a blackberry and lime posset topped with autumn berries.


Also, if you are wondering which wine to pair with Anne’s blackberry tart, just keep reading until the end of the post and you will find my wine pairing recommendations: enjoy!

Stefano (Sommelier, Flora’s TableClicks & Corks)

Link here to Appetiser | Autumn/Fall Menu

Link here to Main Course | Autumn/Fall Menu


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July wildflower walk

Simple pleasures for July

Eating vegetables from the garden every day.


We’re in that blissful period when there’s enough vegetables for meals but before the summer gluts of courgettes, tomatoes and runner beans.

digging new potatoes

The asparagus and broad beans have finished but we’re eating sweet carrots and thinnings of beetroot and we scrabble in the dirt to lift the new potatoes, so far unsullied by slugs or scabs.

cherries from garden

Picking fruit

It’s a bumper year for cherries. Last year we had a crop of just three cherries that we watched slowly change colour. And then they disappeared. Just as they were almost ready. This year we netted the tree more carefully and have been picking cherries by the bowlful along with blackcurrants, gooseberries and loganberries while out in the fruit field we’ve started to pick raspberries for Raspberry Gin.

baking tins


In July we light up the outdoor oven, though it always takes me a couple of sessions to get back into the different way of cooking. The pizzas were successful, cooking in three or four minutes with a crispy base and bubbling hot topping but the loaf of bread I put into the oven afterwards was less successful because I didn’t let the oven cool down enough. The base was blackened and inedible so I sliced off the bottom, scooped out the middle to make breadcrumbs and put the top into a slow oven (indoors) to dry  out so that I can use it as a bowl. In theory. Maybe.

There have also been experiments with Devonshire Splits, which I’ve started to make instead of scones because they taste so good, especially when eaten with cream and freshly picked strawberries.

cow parsley gone to seed


A lack of rainfall this year, coupled with a few hot days last week has tipped the countryside from green to yellow. The wheat crops are already turning colour, the oilseed rape is dying off and the cow parsley in the verges has run to seed.

being creative

I’ve been trying some different screen printing techniques and doing more jelly printing. And I’ve been dyeing wool and fabric. With beetroot and rose petals. Hmm. I think I’ll stick to printing.

simple pleasures for july

What are your simple pleasures for July?

The Dinner Party Collective Begins!

Anne Wheaton:

Have you heard about The Dinner Party Collective?
You may have thought that the Dinner Party is a relic of days gone by, but Margot (creator of the food blog Gather and Graze has set out to re-establish them into the fabric of our society. Margot has gathered together a band of food and wine-loving bloggers from around the world to collectively create menus for delicious and successful dinner parties on The Dinner Party Collective website.
While the menus are being tested and tasted ready for the first dinner party posting, you might like to find out who’s taking part.

Originally posted on The Dinner Party Collective:

To all, a warm welcome to The Dinner Party Collective! We are a group of dedicated and passionate Food and Wine Bloggers from right around the world who are coming together to collaborate and create what will be an ever-growing series of seasonal menus. In time, there will be a delicious array of formal, semi-formal and casual menus for you to choose from.

The first of our menus are being worked upon as we speak and will be published in early June. There will be a winter menu for those in the southern hemisphere and a summer menu for those up in the north. From then on, with each new season, a fresh duo of menus will be released for each of the corresponding hemispheres.

Included will be an Appetiser, Main and Dessert (each dish beautifully prepared and photographed by one of our individual Food Bloggers) and to accompany will…

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