green walnut liqueur

It’s Wimbledon, so time to pick the green walnuts. I have some soaking in water, which I’m going to bottle in syrup to make a sweet preserve and another batch soaking in brine that I’ll put into vinegar. I’d rather just eat the ripe nuts in the autumn but we have a running battle with the squirrels so by using green ones now at least I’m guaranteed some of the crop.

Spurred on by the last tasting of the 2009 green walnut liqueur, I’ve started another bottle but working to a slightly different recipe. I know, I know. More alcohol.


10 green walnuts chopped

500 ml vodka

300 ml dry French vermouth

½ cup sugar

1 vanilla pod

2 cloves

1 teaspoon sichuan pepper

1 cinammon stick

1 orange, sliced

Put everything into a jar and leave it in the sunlight, shaking it every day. As you can see from the photos below, it turns from clear to an alarming green to a dark, dark green.

day 1

day 2

day 7

I misread the instructions I’d written down (I had amalgamated four different recipes and some scribbles from 2009) and so instead of leaving it for 4 – 8 weeks, I strained out the bits and bottled it after 10 days. It looked very murky and tasted quite revolting so I hope it won’t make too much difference. So, take your pick and bottle it after 10 days to 2 months.

I shall report back in 12 to 18 months, when it should be ready for drinking.