British summer

Rain, sunshine, cold and now rain again today. The joys of a British summer.

An over abundance of beans in the garden, carrot thinnings, spring onions that have grown way too big, Discovery apples now ready in the garden and the first blackberries of the season. The makings of a good supper, especially teamed with a tasty joint of Gloucestershire Old Spots pork.

Lemon lime bitters. A delicious and refreshing drink on a hot day made with the juice of a lime, glug of home made lemon squash, soda water and a few dashes of angostura bitters. Not such an enticing drink in the pub the other night when it consisted of cheap lime cordial, pub lemonade and bitters poured from a bottle that was so old and stained from cigarette smoke that the label was completely yellow. We only guessed it was bitters from the shape of the bottle. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t after all.