pigeon breast burgers

In an idle moment I started blog hopping; it started so simply with a link from Daisyley then a link from that blog to another and another and before I knew it, I’d learnt how to turn a paper doily into a drink umbrella, stumbled into a cotton growing farmer’s life and gatecrashed a secret tea party.

I discovered that some people have cleaning rotas – not the sort you have when you share a house and nobody thinks it’s their hair in the shower or washing up in the sink. No, this is just for their house. A write it down and tick it off list. Proper housekeeping.

And people make meal plans for the week. My plans only consist of a roast on Sunday, cold on Monday and then stir fries, pies or whatever with any meat still left over. For the rest of the week I delve into the freezer or Bill might shoot a rabbit or two and I pick what I can from the garden. Last week I’d picked beetroot and the last of the carrots and someone who had been shooting pigeons (to stop them eating the oilseed rape crop) dropped off twenty pigeon breasts, so just as well I hadn’t planned ahead.

I minced the pigeon breasts with the fatty remains of a ham joint, some chicken thighs, breadcrumbs and chopped rosemary, thyme and parsley. Some of the mixture was rolled into meatballs and the rest was used to make burgers.

4 thoughts on “pigeon breast burgers

  1. Jo Norman (@daisyley) says:

    Well, I’m shocked and horrified that you don’t have a cleaning rota or meal plan list! I think roast, leftovers, leftovers, whatever is in the freezer is a meal plan of sorts 😉

    The problem I would have with a cleaning rota list is that it would only last a couple of days before it got buried underneath a pile of other bits of paper which makes me realise I’m not a cleaning rota list sort of person.

    Oh and I can’t wait to see your paper doily umbrella which I guess will be displayed alongside your plastic bags …..


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