cider making

We had our annual cider making day last weekend when we persuaded various members of the family to spend the afternoon pressing apples in return for supper washed down with plenty of last year’s cider and some apple juice to take home. Ours is a far from scientific operation as we use whatever apples we grow in the garden or scavenge in the hedgerows, supplemented by bags that people bring along on the day, but it seems to work.

So, on Sunday the equipment was power washed and set up in the garage and everyone turned up ready to work. The boys climbed the trees to pick the highest fruit but soon decided it was much more fun to hit the branches with a stick so that it rained apples onto the people picking below while the rest of us chopped, chipped and pressed the apples and

then poured the juice into fermenting bins.

It’s now bubbling away nicely and my kitchen smells like a brewhouse.

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