November is the best month of all

How I love November. Autumn leaves, misty mornings with dew hanging from the trees, bonfires, fireworks, fingerless mittens and coffee cake with candles.

Now that it’s cold enough to light the fire in the evenings and close the curtains, I’ve taken up my knitting again. Hidden in a cupboard I found a half finished sleeveless pullover that I started at least six years ago.  I was making it because I had a blue green skirt that was hard to find colours to match and I had a cone of wool that was just the right shade. Of course I’ve now used that wool for something else and only have a little left so I’ve introduced some new colours. The skirt has worn out and I no longer have that. Also, I hate wearing orange but seem to have used rather a lot. Do you know what? I’m rapidly losing enthusiasm. Perhaps I’ll make it into a cushion cover instead.

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