Flower challenge

November garden flowers

I read a post in Backlane Notebook about the challenge of trying to pick a bunch of flowers each week from the garden, hedgerow or allotment and have been giving it a go. It’s made me look at plants slightly differently, so that the parsely going to seed now becomes a cut flower and foliage becomes more attractive. I can tolerate a certain amount of decay (as long as they don’t smell bad) so I can make my bunches, or more likely small posies, last for a couple of weeks.

December will just be foliage. Nordman fir. Norway spruce. Probably needles scattered throughout the house, rather than decoratively arranged bunches. Yes, we open for Christmas tree sales tomorrow. It seems that all we think and talk about at the moment is Christmas trees. I even dream of them. The signs went up this afternoon and tomorrow morning I need to give the barn a good sweep, work out how to use the card machine and we’ll be ready for business.

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