Warm feet again

For years I thought that socks were just too difficult to knit, with all that talk of turning heels and managing five needles but then I found a pattern and sat down with a ball of sock wool, several needles and a stiff gin and knitted a pair of serviceable socks.  I wore them a few times but over the summer they slipped to the back of the drawer where they sat forgotten for a couple of years.  Until last month.  I spend December standing in a cold barn selling Christmas trees and I was so fed up with thin cotton socks that didn’t keep my feet warm or beautiful cashmere socks that cost a bomb and wore out in no time that I searched out my hand knitted socks. Aah, the joy of warm feet again.

In a fit of enthusiasm after my last sock making I’d bought more wool (seduced by the colours) and a book of patterns Cool Socks Warm Feet, so I hauled them out and started knitting. The blue socks are made with hand dyed 70% Blue Faced Leicester wool 30% nylon from The Bear Necessities and the multi coloured from Regia wool. They all have different heels but I prefer the heel on the blue socks to the red garter stitch heel on one of the multi coloured pairs and I abandoned the Turkish heel as it seemed too bulky.

It seems that turning a heel is straight forward if I read the instructions, though I’ve learnt that I can’t turn a heel while watching Sherlock on TV as there’s too much to take in on both counts.  But socks are quick to knit, warm to wear and it doesn’t matter if they’re not perfect as nobody else will see them close up anyway.

4 thoughts on “Warm feet again

  1. Annie says:

    I am generally in awe of sock knitters – I loath knitting socks – and of folk who can knit while watching television – so that’s a Wow from me 😀 Isn’t Sherlock brilliant?!


  2. Jane says:

    Hi there, I’m glad you popped over to my blog and found some good memories of Kangaroo Island! It’s one of our favourite places and we’re lucky enough to live close enough to make it a regular holiday spot. Meantime, I’m envious of you being in a place old enough to require hand-knitted socks! Kind of, ha. I think I might have the patience for knitting if our climate warranted lots of handknits. I’m very impressed by your skills.


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