Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Did you know that it’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week?  It’s organised by the HGCA to remind us all that we should start the day with a healthy balanced breakfast. Their Shake Up Your Wake Up website has lots of breakfast ideas and an events listing if you want to get involved.

I eat breakfast every day but it tends to be the same old thing and at this time of year I automatically reach for the jar of oats each morning to make a bowl of porridge. So for Farmhouse Breakfast Week I’ve challenged myself to have a little variety.

This morning – Granola. The recipe is vaguely Andy’s Fairfield Granola; I don’t put in the sesame seeds or syrup, I substitute the sunflower oil with rapeseed oil and only make half the quantity. It needs a bit of watching near the end of the cooking time as it seems to go very quickly from almost brown enough to rather too brown.

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