a sloe weekend

A little straining, bottling and tasting over the weekend.

Sloe gin, bullace gin, crabapple gin and hedgerow sherry.

We debated about sweetening. The correct sweetness now can be too sweet as the drink matures. So we erred on the side of caution and have hidden the bottles at the back of the cupboard so we won’t be tempted to drink them too soon.

The stones were squeezed out of the gin sodden sloes and the flesh used to make Sloe Truffles and Sloe Chocolate Slab. The Chocolate Slab is simplicity itself. Just melt some milk chocolate, stir in some sloes, spread it on greaseproof paper and leave to set. The photo was taken before it had set.  There is no photo when it had cooled and hardened because it disappeared with alarming speed.

4 thoughts on “a sloe weekend

  1. Jo Norman (@daisyley) says:

    Love the photo of the bottles in the snow and glad to see you’re back to your normal alcoholic blog posts (previous post was noted though).

    I feel so wasteful as I merely discarded my gin sodden sloes, I’ll remember next time as chocolate slab looks yummy.


  2. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    I’ve been exploring your beautiful blog – I love it! Very taken with the grain mill in one of your Farmhouse breakfast posts – have been toying with getting one but the good ones seem to be very expensive. I have a sack of grain given to me by a friend and it would be nice to mill some of it to make into bread as well as feed it to my hungry bantams!
    I love these bottles of sloe gin et al in the snow. They are just so beautifully translucent. The question of sweetening is tricksy and as you say so difficult to judge before maturing. I have a small quantity of wild yellow plum brandy as well as a great demi-john of damson gin in the larder and the sugar content of the latter seems OK but I haven’t got it right with the former. Will have to taste a month or two down the line – it’s too raw to judge properly at the moment. Your idea for using the gin-soaked sloes is brilliant! As is your idea for chunky hot chocolate tablets…. etc etc!


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