a needlebook for my knitting bag

My knitting bag was a bit of a mess. The pocket was filled with stitch markers that had escaped from their little plastic bag, my darning needles were randomly pinned into the side of the bag and I could never find my tape measure amongst the scraps of wool lurking in the depths.

After I’d finished sewing the quilts together, I left the sewing machine on the table so I could mend some jeans that just need a patch on the knees to make them good enough for gardening. It would only take a little effort to do it. But it’s so much better to make than mend and I’d seen a delicately embroidered needlebook that Janine had made at Olallieberry and decided it was just the thing to keep my knitting bag in order.

I used small scraps of fabric for the cover and for the middle section cut out a piece of the red jumper that I’d inadvertently felted when I put it in the washing machine with a pile of clothes scooped from a child’s bedroom floor.

So now I have a needlebook with a pocket for a tape measure, somewhere safe to keep the darning needles and ring clips for the stitch markers and row counter. It all looks very organised for the moment. I just need to use up all those odd bits of wool. And mend those jeans.

3 thoughts on “a needlebook for my knitting bag

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What a lovely thing and I know exactly what you mean, making something new is always more tempting than mending something. I say this having spent quite a time this afternoon mending my son’s spectacularly ripped school blazer which I have been putting off for several days! It’s so nice to have lovely things to store sewing and knitting bits and pieces in. Practical and pleasing fused together are always more than the sum of the parts to my way of thinking.


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