spring is on its way

This hawthorn tree seems to sum up early March with new buds just waiting to burst into leaf while the berry from last year still hangs on the branch.

It seemed that spring had arrived last week with warm sunshine and clear days and the tractors were out working in the fields. Then we had sleet on Sunday. Wind and rain on Monday.

spring buds

But there are so many plants coming into bud or pushing their way through the debris of fallen autumn leaves that spring really must be on its way.  In the yard the cockerel dances and flaps before his harem of hens while the ducks coquettishly dip their heads as they follow the drakes to the pond, only to be mercilessly ducked and held down by the drake as soon as they reach the water. We’re down to the last of the leeks in the vegetable garden and there are seed packets waiting to be opened for the next crop of vegetables. Even the sun is trying to shine this morning.

2 thoughts on “spring is on its way

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Lovely photos Anne! Are they duck eggs by any chance? Hope the lemon curd worked OK with your surplus!
    On another matter, Gillian at tales from a happy house “tagged” me yesterday. I have posted a tagging post (as per the instructions) and “tagged” you in turn. I hope you don’t mind. If it’s not your thing, feel free to ignore. Not sure about the etiquette of these things.
    E x


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