marker at the end of the Greenwich Meridian Trail

At the weekend a message from Elizabeth at Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse dropped into my comments box telling me I’ve been tagged. Like Elizabeth, I don’t really understand the etiquette of these things. Or indeed (dare I say it) the point of it. It’s interesting to find out a little more about people and it’s good to stretch out a hand of friendship but did it start as a ploy someone devised to boost their readers? Like those bloggers who comment on scores of blogs so that people track them back to their own blog where they publicly proclaim their popularity with a hit counter or list of followers. Maybe I’m just cynical. Maybe Obviously I don’t have hundreds of readers. If I’ve commented on your blog, it’s because it genuinely inspired me and I know that most readers comment for exactly the same reason.

It would be churlish to ignore the tagging and I know that this tagging was one of friendship so of course I shall join in. But there are rules. The first rule is: Post these rules. I’m not very good at rules. As the eldest of four children I made up rules for our games and I “read” from the printed rules of a game thus propelling my counter to the finish. (All families have their own quirky rules for card and board games and I blame it on the eldest child manipulating them for their own gain.) So although I shall follow Rule 1, I will of course adapt the others to suit myself.

These are the rules:

  • Post these rules
  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
  • Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged!

Two things about myself

  1. I’ve walked from Peacehaven in East Sussex to Sand Le Mer in East Yorkshire along the Greenwich Meridian Trail, which is a 273 mile trail following the line of the Prime Meridian. But not in one go.
  2. I get very cross when supermarkets sell foreign strawberries in the height of the English strawberry season.

In answer to two of Elizabeth’s questions

  1. Do you have things you “don’t do” like my wheelie bins and if so, what are they? Sadly I have relented over lots of things I “don’t do”. But I have put my foot down over skinning rabbits. I don’t skin rabbits.
  2. What is your favourite perfume? Insolence by Guerlain

I’m going to create two questions for the person I tag and pass on the rest of Elizabeth’s questions.

  1. Do you buy new or vintage for your home?
  2. Why do you blog?
  3. If you were invited to make a piece of art, what medium would you use?
  4. What clothes are you most comfortable in?
  5. If you had an unexpected afternoon to yourself and not a care in the world, how would you spend it?
  6. What do you panic most about losing?
  7. What is your favourite quotation?
  8. What is your ideal holiday?
  9. If you wear lipstick, what shape is the end, once it’s no longer new? (I dimly remember this should tell you something about someone but I can’t for the life of me remember what! My lipsticks, however they start, always become flattened off, to an almost completely level surface. If anyone knows what this signifies, please tell me!)
  10. Do you have a habit you would like to drop or one you would like to adopt?
  11. What everyday article would you most miss if it were suddenly unavailable?

I’m going to tag Jo at Daisyley because she will either embrace this tagging thing wholeheartedly and write a really interesting post or she’ll send me a rude comment.

This post has been slightly ammended.

2 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Annie says:

    I never quite understand the point of tagging either, don’t we tell folk enough about ourselves in our blog posts. I suppose that would have to be my answer to ‘What don’t you do?’ … join in with tags! I don’t generally like things with rules either! But I do comment on lots of blogs, though only ever blogs I enjoy reading, be that for the ideas and inspiration, the images, just ‘cos I feel I’d get on well with the person writing them, or all of those. What everyday article would you most miss if it were suddenly unavailable? My router ;D


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