crochet or knit?

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of a little crocheting. I don’t know why, as crochet conjures up an image of furniture draped in layers of brightly multi coloured crocheted blankets accessorised with crocheted cushion covers in clashing hues and a cat sitting in the middle. And the reason there are so many  blankets is because what else can you crochet? Well, casting aside my prejudices and in need another blanket I thought I’d try a bit of crochet, especially as the last blanket I made took ages to knit and almost as long to sew together and crochet is supposed to be quicker than knitting. Anyway, my knitting is rather multi coloured (as you can see above) so I don’t know why I hold that against crochet.

I tried Granny Squares. I mastered the technique (more or less) and managed to produce a few squares of roughly the same size but I couldn’t face joining together dozens of squares so they became a doll sized blanket and I moved on to a blanket  made in one piece.

It’s easy to get into a rhythm as it’s all the same stitch, but I’m still not convinced about crochet. It seems to use a great deal of wool and the pattern reminds me of that ric rac ribbon that was sewn onto every polyester dress in the seventies.

I’ll keep going until I run out of wool, which won’t take long as I’m using up all the odd balls of wool I have rather than buying lots of new, so I’ll probably end up with a very short blanket. Maybe I’ll look out for another crochet book or website that will give me some different ideas. Do you have any recommendations? Or I might just go back to knitting.

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  1. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    I really love your knitted blanket – what wonderful patterned squares – did you have a pattern or did you make it up as you went along? As far as the crochet is concerned I recommend having an explore of Lucy’s blog at Attic24. Forget any preconceived fuddy-duddy notions and prepare for inspiration! Her tutorials are fabulous – very clear even for a crochet novice like me a year ago and in fact I taught myself largely using her patterns. Bright useful & decorative things, not just blankets. As you may have seen I too am persevering with a Granny stripe blanket and yes, it is certainly yarn hungry and I haven’t been quite as convinced by the stitch as I thought I was to begin with. Having said that it’s nearing completion and looking much better than I thought it would so don’t give up!


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      The knitted blanket was a mixture of made up and patterns in a book. I’ve just looked at Attic24 – very inspirational and you’re right that there’s more than just blankets. I don’t think I’m quite ready for a crocheted jar jacket but I shall try to follow some of the tutorials. Who knows what I may create.


  2. Jane says:

    I’ve never knitted more than a scarf and find the prospect of all those stitches dangling precariously on needles quite daunting. I’m most impressed by that blanket! Crochet seems a bit more free-form and the idea of only having one loop on one hook is not as scary to me. Mind you, I haven’t tried anything complex yet. I just finished a smallish blanket in chunky wool crochet as a kind of experimental project (will post about it soon). It was a bit addictive. I like the idea of crochet to use up odds and ends of yarn like you are doing with the stripes. I love the ric-rac effect you’ve produced!
    But it is harder to find interesting crochet patterns. You could try searching Etsy for crochet patterns… I think quite a few people sell PDFs of their own designs. Maybe Ravelry might be some help too? I am also following a how-to crochet series on the website Aesthetic Nest right now. It’s still more in the basics but I think will provide more good inspiration as it goes along.


  3. Gillian says:

    As someone who can knit badly and not crochet at all I am in awe that you can produce such good results from both. I was recently given Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crochet and there are many lovely patterns and ideas in that book. I’m going on a learn to crochet course soon so hope to have a go! Gillian x


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