somthing nasty in the woodshed?

looks like the remains of a nest - I wonder if anything's still lurking

Easter is nearly here and spring has swept in on a tide of blossom and sunshine. The central heating has been switched off and I’m hoping that the daily ritual of lighting the woodburner will soon be over. As we get nearer the back of the log heap I’m always a bit wary moving the last bits as I’m not sure what will be underneath them. This time nothing ran out and and the only mice I found were dried up corpses hidden in the debris on the floor.

all cleaned out and ready for refilling

Our wood is kept in a little curved brick shed on the side of the house though I have no idea of its original use. Somebody has cut through the bricks to make a doorway, which is slightly worrying as this is at the base of a chimney, although it’s probably been like this for over a hundred years and nothing untoward has happened yet. But it is very dark in the woodshed, so if I have to fetch wood at night, Ada Doom’s words hang in the air as I open the door, just in case there’s something nasty in the woodshed.

6 thoughts on “somthing nasty in the woodshed?

  1. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Eeeek! (at the thought of who might be lurking there!) Mice are fine – Mrs T after all can hardly disown her own kind! It’s those pesky beasties with 8 hobnail boots apiece and attitude to match that I have a problem with! That brick oven-shaped woodstore looks wonderful – so nice to have a dry place under cover for logs. I hesitate to ask who are you afraid might emerge but something nevertheless compels me! Is it rodents or arachnids or both?! Or even reptiles?! If it’s arachnids all I can say is eeeeeeeek! I can deal with them, before you reach the conclusion I am totally feeble!, but not without accompanying shriekage if encountered unexpectedly by the rugby-playing, fast-moving variety! E x


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      I worry that I’ll open the door and a pair of rodent eyes will stare back at me or worse still, that I’ll move a log and it will run up my arm. I’m sure that if any of the children knew of my irrational fear, they’d hide in there so they could jump out at me when I opened the door.


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