7 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Jane says:

    Must say that bunny picture gave me a bit of a shock! Not that I’m opposed at all, just the context you put it in, heehee. The violet liqueur looks amazing.


  2. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    There is a lovely 17th C still-life quality to these photos even though the poor old Easter bunny has “bought it”! I can’t tackle rabbit I’m afraid, either cooking or eating – I know, I know, once a townie, always a townie! I like your hot cross buns which have their crosses done with icing if I am not mistaken which looks a lot easier than making them with pastry or dough. Wish my knitting skills were up to the nest… That bottle of violet liqueur looks absolutely the business. Is there any chance you can share what you did? I’d love the recipe if you don’t mind sharing it. Elizabeth x


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