making violet liqueur

mix the flowers and sugar together

The violets have grown in profusion this year and though the ones growing in the garden are nearly over, there are still some in the fields particularly the verge in Great Forest. But they are next to a bridleway. A bridleway that is much used by walkers and their dogs. As I never pick a blackberry lower than the height a Labrador can lift its leg, you’ll realise why I’m reluctant to pick low growing flowers. I think they’ll stay for everyone to enjoy.

It was lovely to have little vases of violets throughout the house, crystallised violets on cakes and violet liqueur to drink. I suspect that the violet liqueur is sweeter and not quite as intense as commercial bottles but I made it sweet because I’m going to drink it in cocktails and it saves adding sugar syrup. If you make some, you may want to reduce the sugar and if you have the quantity available (and patience) you might increase the ratio of flowers to liquid. The flowers should be picked when they’re dry and the stems removed. I used a pestle and mortar to mix the sugar and flowers in one batch, which made a wonderful purple sugar. Will you use vodka or gin? I tried both but don’t have a particular preference. The violets add an extra dimension to the gin and should make excellent  cocktails; the vodka was good in the violet icing for Easter fairy cakes.

This seems quite a delicate drink so I’m not sure of its keeping qualities and suspect it’s best drunk reasonably quickly. Anyway, it’s so springlike that I’d prefer to drink it in season.

8 thoughts on “making violet liqueur

  1. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    So pleased you have posted the instructions for making this. I do hope there are enough violets left in my garden to have a go without having to brave the lottery of the verges, the pitfalls of which are all too clear! Might have to make half quantities. So wish I’d known it was possible to make a homemade version before splashing out on the commercial variety. I should think it would work well in cocktails – what about a Violet Kir Royale?!! Celebration of Spring or what! Thank you so much for sharing this. Hope mine looks as exquisite as yours does in your Easter post. Elizabeth x
    PS I absolutely love the vintage look of your recipe extract. Don’t tell me you type all your recipes up like this!


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      I pinched the idea from Sue at The Quince Tree. Right click on the image, click on view image information and go to the website for the card generator. You may need to use more violets than I did – my liqueur was subtle rather than a blast of violet.


  2. teawithhazel says:

    i’m so pleased that you posted your violet liqueur recipe..i had lots and lots last year so i’m hoping i have the same profusion this year so that i can make this recipe..i wonder if it would work in icings or chocolate fillings..time will tell..


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