there was a little girl …

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

My mother used to say this to me on a regular basis when I was little and if she’d seen me recently, she’d probably have quoted it again. I haven’t blogged this week because it wouldn’t have been a happy, sunny, isn’t life wonderful post.

Instead of photos of pretty coloured yarn, I would have posted photos of my messy cupboard.  I’ve been cross and felt like a horrid little girl in a pair of white ankle socks and red Start-rite Mary-Jane shoes stamping my feet. I could have shooed everyone from the house, tipped out a box of cornflakes and jumped up and down on them as my mother-in-law once did.

And all because some sleazy thieving pixeys decided to put some false number plates on stolen vehicles, ram our yard gates at 2 in the morning and steal two of the caravans stored in the compound. It makes me so cross that that the caravan owners and I have had to waste so much time dealing with the consequences of their criminal actions.

And then we lost the last netball game of the winter season by three goals. Doh.

But I’ve calmed down now. The caravan owners lost their caravans, we’ve got  repairs to make and other caravan owners to placate; but the police intercepted one caravan, the other one is insured and most importantly, no-one’s hurt. We’re all still here. It is but a minor blip in life.

Goodness me, it’s even raining here. Which is a good thing.

So I’m going to find somewhere warm to sit this evening, do some knitting and heed some advice once given to my mother. Get a grip, woman.

10 thoughts on “there was a little girl …

  1. Jo Norman (@daisyley) says:

    Sorry about the caravans and the gate – how very very very annoying – so go on jump up and down on a packet of cornflakes. I’d love to know if it does make you feel better or if you just think all the time about having to clear it up.


  2. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    So sorry to hear about your awful week – human beings are a mixed bunch and some of them aren’t exactly fragrant blooms. If it’s any consolation, your reference to the little rhyme at the beginning made me chuckle – my mother was always saying that to me when I was small and my hair was curly – I think it’s one of the reasons I do my best to pull it straight now! The incident of your mother-in- law with the cornflakes is priceless – reminds me of an inglorious episode when my son was very small and being awkward at some mealtime or other and I threw a bowl of blueberry yogurt on the floor out of exasperation. Amazing how far a bowl of blueberry yoghurt can go! As is probably the case with stamped on cornflakes! Though, dare I say, the crunched on noise might be quite satisfying as a vent for frustration! I hope your knitting evening is cosy and restorative – love your yarn bucket / basket. Take care and as someone once said to me, “Don’t let the turkeys get you down!” which I always feel is a little unfair on poor old turkeys but you get the gist! Elizabeth x


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      Sometimes you just have to vent your frustration don’t you? Did the yoghurt make a satisfying squelch as it hit the ground? My children bickered so much one meal time that I slammed the wooden bread board on the table and it broke in two. They still laugh about it now.


  3. Jane says:

    Sorry you’ve been having such a crap week but what a delightful way to post about it! LOVE the cornflakes story. I might have to keep an emergency box of cornflakes at the back of the pantry for just such occasions. My week’s been stressful for about a squillion reasons; maybe there’s something going on in the stars. (Would be nice to have something external to blame!) I hope your next week brings more joy 🙂


  4. Sophie says:

    Hi Anne
    I didn’t realise you had this blog – I visited the farms blog. Anyway, I’m glad you redirected me because I have just spent a lovely half hour reading your posts and catching up on all I have missed. I have never come across Violet Liquer before but think it looks fabulous as do the crystalised ones for cakes etc. I also love your knitted blanket – it is amazing! Oh and the beautiful bay horse – is that your horse. I am horse crazy (never grew out of it since I was a little girl) and although I ride, I am still hoping and praying one day I will be blessed enough to have my own horse – its my one dream in life and like mum always says, you have got to have a dream).
    Life on your farm just looks lovely and I shall look forward to following your blog and hopefully keeping in touch. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the lovely comment on my blog and definately do write the post you were talking about. Its really interesting hearing other peoples thoughts and views on these things.
    Best wishes
    P.S This week has been a bit of a cornflake stomping one – I might just have to give it a go!!!
    That did make me chuckle 🙂


  5. knitsofacto says:

    You need to keep a supply of cracked/chipped bowls/plates in that cupboard somewhere … my mother had a box full, hoarded for the days when the only thing that makes you feel better is the sound of breaking china, china you’ve just thrown at the garden wall!

    So sorry some idiots wrecked your week x


  6. Janine says:

    Sooo sorry to hear about your week. This type of occurrence can certainly affect us more deeply than we could ever imagine. It sounds like you are finding solace in all the right things. I absolutely love the image of you stomping on the cornflakes 😀

    Keep on knitting! xox


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