St George’s Day Supper

Bill went fishing and came back with three beautiful looking fish. Did you notice that I didn’t say that Bill caught three fish?  Apparently he put on the fly that enticed one of the fish but then changed rods.  But no matter. He came back with three fish.

With the fish, we shall eat asparagus if I can find enough to cut. The spears have been lurking for the past week with the tips just showing above the ground, waiting for a little warmth and sunshine so that they can break free and soar upwards.

I shall put some jack-by-the-hedge into the salad because that garlicky taste will taste good with the fish.

For pudding – jelly. Beautiful, translucent, wobbly rhubarb jelly. Just a mouthful of sweetness to end the meal.

No dragons. No knights in spurs. Bad show I say.

6 thoughts on “St George’s Day Supper

  1. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    May be no knights or dragons but who needs them with food like that?! What a an absolutely fantastic supper! Would give a lot to be eating at your house this evening! And never mind who caught those fish – when they are so bouncily fresh no one is asking! I love wild salad but have never tried Jack-by-the-hedge so have studied your pic carefully in order to identify correctly when opportunity presents! The rest of the household tend to groan when I say there are wild greens in the salad and it’s true some leaves like dandelion can be bitter. I like nettle soup too but am forbidden from making it! Happy St George’s Day!


  2. Sophie James says:

    What is Jack by the Hedge? I have never heard of it.
    But I do see the beauty in your fish supper…I know its a weird thing to say but aren’t they lovely (to look at I mean and eat of course).
    I have aspargus envy of late – I keep reading about all these sophisticated souls growing aspargus and thinking my crop of vege’s just doesn’t live up to growing your own asparagus.


  3. teawithhazel says:

    what a great menu..i’ve not heard of jack-by-the-hedge before..i’ll be looking it up as soon as i’ve posted this comment..


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