Jubilant Weekend

We ate Jo’s Patriotic Pavlova at her village picnic. We sheltered from the rain in the tent, as a large puddle formed under the table and the pile of sausage rolls formed an island on a water filled plate, and we had a good time.

We lit the fire because it was so cold while we watched the Jubilee Concert on the television, wishing we were in The Mall as we reminisced about the atmosphere when we went up to watch the fireworks before the Royal wedding back in the 1980s.

We walked where we’ve never been before, even though the footpaths are only a couple of miles from home and we’ve driven past the signs hundreds of times. We stood and looked at familiar views, now so different when seen from another perspective.

We ate our Jubilee Cake made from all things British and drank a cocktail made from Beth’s Raspberry Gin (which I shall plug shamelessly as soon as her website is up and running) and decided that we are incredibly lucky to live in this country.

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