Pink lemonade for Midsummer Day

We’ve had the longest day so it’s all downhill to winter now! Standing outside in the rain and wind today, it hardly seemed like summer as the branches were buffeted by the wind and the petals of the flowers littered the pathways. But despite the weather, the smell of roses at the moment is delicious; a soft, sweet heady smell that conjures images of hot, languid days lounging on the terrace sipping raspberry gin or pink lemonade. The reality is somewhat different as it’s cold and wet and we don’t have a terrace. Still, we can all dream.

With so many roses in bloom and Midsummer Day on Sunday, I thought I should do something with the petals, so I’ve made fairy cakes laced with rose petal jam to eat with strawberries and cream and lemon squash ready for the hot sunny day that’s just around the corner.

I made the squash to my normal recipe but just added a good handful of rose petals, which turned it a vivid pink:

To make Lemon Squash

Put the juice and peel (use a potato peeler) of 4 lemons into a bowl with 600g granulated sugar and 25g citric acid*. Add 2 pints of boiling water, stir until the sugar has dissolved and then cover and leave overnight. The next day, sieve and bottle. Keep the squash in the fridge.

* citric acid is available from chemists and home brew shops

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