Rose Petal Jam

I have four small pots of freshly made Rose Petal Jam on the pantry shelf. Four small pots of liquid Turkish Delight to spoon onto scones, stir into whipped cream for a simple syllabub and dribble over ice cream. Or to eat by the teaspoonful straight from the jar.

Rose Petal Jam

  • 1 litre or so of roses
  • 340 g granulated sugar
  • 340 g sugar with pectin
  • 300 ml water
  • Juice of 1 lemon

Snip the petals from the flowers, leaving the bitter base behind, so that you have a bowlful of rose petal strips. Add the granulated sugar, stir well and leave to infuse for 24 hours.

Put everything into a preserving pan, stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved and then turn the heat up and bring to a rolling boil. Set the timer for 4 minutes and keep the jam boiling hard. When the four minutes are up, take the pan off the heat and leave the jam to cool for ten minutes before potting into small sterilised jars.

This should make about 1 kg of jam. If I don’t have sugar with pectin I use all granulated sugar and after it reaches boiling point turn the heat down and simmer until it thickens a bit, which makes a barely set jam.

Victoria sponge filled with softly whipped cream and rose petal jam in the dovecote perhaps?  I’ve found a table and chair to make it more comfortable (excuse the product placement – Beth was doing a photo shoot) but haven’t got very far with the bunting. Perhaps I should ask Jo at Daisyley to make some now that she’s such a proficient bunting maker.

9 thoughts on “Rose Petal Jam

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What an idyllic setting and what else could you eat (or drink!) in it? I love the sound of your rose petal jam recipe. Must go and see whether I have enough roses to make up a litre of petals. Can I make it with just pectin-enriched sugar?


  2. regina says:

    love your sitting place……it look very cosy. and the recipe sounds good. i think i will it try.thanks for sharing.
    greetings from germany,
    ps.i found your blog over thomassima tittlemouse


  3. teawithhazel says:

    rose petal jam has to be the most beautiful of all jams..i’ve been wanting to make it for years and now i can because my roses are well established and producing lots of blooms..bring on summer..:)


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      We have Certo, which is a commercial liquid pectin that I sometimes use for strawberry jam. Last summer I also bought a packet of powdered pectin to try but didn’t use it because we didn’t have many strawberries. The sugar I used for the rose petal jam is a white sugar with powedered pectin added.


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