You may have noticed that UK dairy farmers are having a hard time at the moment, with some processors paying some farmers less than the cost of production. There’s a great deal of heated discussion on forums and twitter (#sosdairy) about the rights and wrongs of it and though I think that some processors and supermarkets have treated dairy farmers very badly, maybe some dairy farmers are not as efficient or innovative as they should be.

I just want to buy good quality milk at a fair price. Given the choice I’d buy direct from a local farmer or farmers’ co-operative or at the very least use a company to deliver who source their milk at fair prices, but that’s not going to happen where we live, so I’ve cancelled my Dairy Crest milkman and am resorting to the supermarket (one that pays the farmer direct as I understand it).

On the basis that if I buy more milk, maybe it will be good for the dairy farmers, I’ve been making milk jellies. No more than heating the milk with some flavourings, straining, stirring in some softened gelatine leaves and leaving to set.

I used a pint of milk, infusing half with a bit of cinnamon stick, bayleaves, a tiny sprig of thyme, a little grated orange peel and 30g of British sugar and the other half with rose petals, sweetened with two dessertspoonfuls of rose jelly.

This made three summery jellies and three more wintry jellies, which is rather apt given that our weather swings from sunshine and sandals one day to rain and cold the next.


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  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    This reminds me of milk jellies my mother used to make when I was a child – delightful. And the flavouring of them can be so delicate. I love your aromatic selections – they remind me of my idea of an apothecary in his / her workshop! Have you ever tried infusing scented geranium leaves in something like this? I once had some scented geraniums and they were amazing flavour infusers but it doesn’t seem to be easy to obtain these plants or at least I haven’t come across them when I’ve been looking.


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