rain rain go away

come again another day (please).

The cold, wet weather and distinct lack of sunshine has affected the crops on the farm and harvest is predicted to be at least a week late this year. I was forbidden from applying for Olympic tickets in the second week as it was bound to clash with harvest, but that’s looking more unlikely by the day.

On the plus side, the hedges and verges are looking dramatic.

The council have usually mown the footpaths by July, but haven’t done so yet (perhaps council cutbacks have meant no cutting back) and the wet weather has resulted in some long grass and muddy patches so people are still walking the paths wearing wellies. In the middle of July. Let’s hope we have some sunshine soon to dry things up a bit and ripen the crops, especially as the school summer holidays are starting.


4 thoughts on “rain rain go away

  1. knitsofacto says:

    My local farmer friends are struggling with the weather too, and the PYO is throwing fruit away … such a waste, but no one wants to pick in the rain. Here’s hoping the reports that better weather is on the way aren’t premature!


  2. Fiona says:

    Hard to believe that we are experiencing very similar weather here in tropical northern Australia this Winter. Our Winters are usually our dry time, so it’s all quite unusual, though as one of the world’s driest continents, we shan’t complain. So pleased to have found your blog. Amazing that farming issues remain constant no matter where in this world we are.


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