summer days

At last we have sunshine and it feels as though summer has arrived. There are vases of flowers through the house, the windows are flung open, Morris the fox terrier lies flat out on the stone floor and a jug of pink lemonade sits in the fridge for cooling drink breaks.

The contractors have been in to cut the hay; a fairly quick job with this front and rear mounted mower. The hay has been turned once and will be turned again this afternoon and so long as the weather forecast is correct it should be ready to bale tomorrow.

At the weekend I helped Beth at a local food festival selling her Fruit Gin where it was interesting to experience a food hall from the other side of the counter. I loved talking with customers, explaining the process and getting their feedback (including lots of alternative flavours from people who do the same thing at home) but I wasn’t very keen on the people who were just there to grab every free sample on offer, with no intention of buying. And you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t say please. Am I sounding like a grumpy old woman? Oh dear. In my defence, it was a long day and of course most people were smiley and friendly.

In my lunch break I took a little tour around the other stalls. How could anyone resist buying an ice-cream from Jane Hadley’s van? Obviously, I couldn’t. It was delicious.

7 thoughts on “summer days

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What a wonderful evocation of all that’s summery! I love the look of that Raspberry Gin! Can one buy Online yet? I would like to buy some please and am not after a free sample! I love your idea for adding lavender when making blackcurrant cordial and am going to try this. How do you make your lemonade pink? Do you crush a few raspberries in it? I am assuming you do not simply add food colouring! E x


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      The Raspberry Gin isn’t available online yet as the form filling for licences is still ongoing; I had no idea just how many rules and regulations there are for selling alcohol. I add rose petals to make my lemonade pink (I am still in rose mode).


      • Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

        OK – keep me posted! I might have known the pink lemonade would be rose petal-driven! What a wonderful idea! I’ve sent you an email – just letting you know in case it’s gone spam-wards again! E x


  2. walnut95 says:

    weather is so changeable at the moment, our local Ag show Nantwich had to cancel the Agricultural part of the show because of the state of the showground. Not a lot of harvesting going on at the moment in Cheshire, lot of the crops not ripened yet. Love the fruit gins, i have been picking blackcurrants tonight to make my blackcurrant gin for Christmas.


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