In my kitchen – August 2012

Tickets to watch the hockey at the 2012 London Olympics. We’re only a fifty minute train ride from the Olympic Park so we couldn’t miss the chance to go along and cheer on Great Britain. The tickets are pinned up in the kitchen so that we don’t leave home without them.

Flowers from the garden brighten up the kitchen table.

The view throught he kitchen window across the vegetable garden that’s finally producing potatoes, carrots, peas and beetroot. The runner beans have nearly reached the top of the canes and are just starting to flower as are the sweet peas.

Chocolate cookies, sausage rolls and huffers. We should start combining the oilseed rape this week so as the farm gets busier and there’s no time to come in for lunch I’ve been making things for packed lunches.The huffers are sitting on one of the paddles that Bill made for me. They’re made from plywood rather than beautiful wood, but what they lack in aesthetic beauty they make up for in practicality, reaching to the back of the oven in the aga so limiting the number of times I burn my arms.

This is the hook that my paddles and sharpening steel hang from. It’s just an old salad server hammered flat with a hole drilled in the middle and the handle bent up to form the hook. Very simple but very effective.

The aga has been switched off for the summer, which gives me a chance to give it a thorough clean without getting burnt. As happens most summers, I switched it off because we had two days of sunshine making it too hot in the kitchen and as soon as I’d flicked the switch the sun disappeared, it poured with rain and the temperature fell. I suspect that it will be switched back on before too long.

What’s happening in your kitchen this month? Why not join in with  Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

15 thoughts on “In my kitchen – August 2012

  1. Jane says:

    Hockey! I played hockey really badly as a kid but enjoyed the running around in mud with a big stick. Enjoy your Olympic experience! Envious of your aga (totally impractical in our climate but anyway) and that productive veggie garden.


  2. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    I love your kitchen Anne…I can feel the warmth from here! The food for your packed lunches looks delicious…on our farm we call this packing the ‘tucker box’! That bread paddle sounds very useful. Your sharpening steel looks just like ours although I must admit my husband is better at wielding it than me. Please report in on your Olympics experience, I am fascinated by the whole thing. Happy days 🙂


  3. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Goodness, your cooking is mouth-watering! Those cookies and sausage rolls… and I don’t even like sausage rolls normally! But lead me to these! I could scoff the lot! I love your salad server hook and your handmade bread paddle. When I get back from holiday I shall badger D to make me a bread paddle – I’ve always wanted one and I’m always burning myself on the oven racks. I shall also scout out the cutlery drawer for what can be cannibalised! Most of my salad servers are wooden but there may be other items that lurk waiting to be turned into hooks! No old spoon or fork is safe! What an ingenious idea. E x


  4. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial says:

    How exciting! The Olympics! I remember when they were here, and we were all nearly bursting out of our skins! Anne, every time you post a photo of your garden from your kitchen window, it makes me sigh with happiness. It just looks so fine! Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and I can almost smell the baked treats from here. And your salad server hook is charming! 🙂


  5. Spoon Feast says:

    Love that salad server hook! Your garden looks divine and having an AGA, jealous! I had one once, it took a bit of getting used to but after I did I loved it. I hope you enjoy the Olympics. From the TV it looks very exciting to be there. Lucky you!


  6. heidiannie says:

    Your gardens are lovely! And your floral bouquet – I love sweet peas and lavender- that must be wonderful for fragrance as well as beauty.
    I’ve heard and read so much about aga’s I’d love to actually bake in one someday.
    And your baked goods look fantastic. Huffers and sausage rolls and chocolate biscuits – your made my mouth water!


  7. theclevercarrot says:

    What beautiful things in your kitchen this month! How lucky you are to go to the Olympics. Such a treat!
    You wouldn’t happen to have a recipe for those delicious looking chocolate cookies and sausage rolls? I’m drooling.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. big house, little prairie says:

    I am enjoying perusing through your blog, your pictures are beautiful . I’m so glad you stopped by mine and led me over here! My grandfather just returned from visiting both London, where my cousin is spending a semester abroad, and Bury St. Edmunds, where he was stationed during World War Two. He said it was quite beautiful. Also, love the repurposed salad server…I might have to borrow that idea. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more about your farm life!


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