Raspberry Vinegar

I cannot keep up with the raspberries.

I tried them on soda bread just as Annie from Knitsofacto suggested. Hmm, not sure about that one.

I made a Raspberry and Beetroot cake with a crispy crumble topping. Does that sound odd? Do you suspect that I have a glut of beetroot too? It was surprisingly tasty and very moist.

I’m not tired of raspberries, but the plums are ripening on the trees and there aren’t enough puddings in a week to cope (I say that as a person who feels that no meal is complete unless there is pudding) so, it’s time to start preserving. Freezer raspberry jam at the weekend, but in the meantime a couple of bottles of Raspberry Vinegar.

My pantry shelf is a testament to my enthusiastic preserving but rather less keen eating.  Jars of 2010 Gooseberry Jam and Crab Apple Jelly still lurk alongside last year’s Blackcurrant Jam and Hedgerow Jelly.  I limited my chutney making last year in an effort to run down the supplies but I try to avoid looking at the jar of 2007 Mostarda Di Venezia that sits with its elastic band long since disintegrated and cellophane cover flapping. Do you think it will still be OK to eat? We have no quinces on the tree at all this year as they were wiped out by the frost so maybe it will become more tempting.

But to return to the Raspberry Vinegar. Although this sounds like the sort of thing you have but never use, it’s a useful little bottle to have. It adds a bit of oomph to gravy, I mix it with rapeseed oil to make a salad dressing and add a dash when I make pavlova. To ease a sore throat, drink a little Raspberry Vinegar mixed with hot water, though  be warned, it can be a little eye watering as it goes down.  Unexpectedly, it makes a refreshing drink poured over ice and diluted with soda water. Fry some chopped bacon in a pan and tip in some raspberry vinegar, scrape all the delicious brown bits from the pan and then pour the bacon and vinegar over some green leaves for a quick salad. You get the picture; there’s plenty of things to do with it so it needn’t stand forlorn on the shelf.

This recipe, from Pamela Westland’s Food For Keeps, makes a sweet vinegar, so you may want to cut back a little on the sugar. I just keep making it to the same recipe because it’s easy to remember the quantities.

78 thoughts on “Raspberry Vinegar

  1. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What a great idea. Raspberries have done well this year despite the rain but plums and apples – you are lucky if you have some on your trees – mine are conspicuous by their absence! All that lovely blossom wrecked by the rain I fear. Tried raspberry gin over summer pudding as per my email and it was a roaring success! I love your ideas for using raspberry vinegar – gong to try some of them. As far as your larder stocks go I wouldn’t worry about the disentegrated elastic band etc – if it looks OK I’m sure it is, it’s only recently we got all namby pamby about “use by” dates! My mother is a great one for discovering “vintage” preserves in the back of her cupboards and none of us have been any the worse for consuming them even at serious years on the jar’s clock! E x


  2. Olallieberry says:

    I wish I had the fortunate problem of being overrun with raspberries; they are hands down my favourite summer berry. Wonderful suggestions on their many uses Anne!


  3. ceciliag says:

    This sounds stunning, we also have a little farm with big gardens and lots of animals but alas no raspberries.. but plenty of mud splattered boots!! Have fun!!



  4. Bill says:

    I too wish I had Raspberries that were abound….mine are the Blackberries but you gave me some interesting thoughts.


  5. deandraayu says:

    I love your drawings! they are adorable. Now I’m thinking about the dishes I could dressed up more with this vinegar. thank you!


  6. candelacouture says:

    ok, the cake looks AMAZING ! cant wait to try and make it! do you have the complete recipe for it?
    and do you mind checking out my blog? its new and id really appreciate your opinion!
    plus i have a healthy mug brownie recipe if you want to look at it 🙂


  7. repurposed redhead says:

    I just finished making a big batch of Raspberry Vinegar at the Ranch that I was doing a work exchange at. It looks like a very similar recipe to yours, but we mixed a bit of the finished concentrate with water and fresh raspberries to make a refreshing drink. I suppose you could add vodka and make it a refreshing adult drink too. Great post! – Rene


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  9. Wendy Lawrence says:

    I would love to try this! Thanks! And freezer raspberry jam…yummy yum, that is my favorite thing to eat of all time. I think I might make some next week, as a matter of fact–thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Alex says:

    Gorgeous idea! Unfortunately our raspberries never really got going this year thanks to all the rain, but I’ll definitely store it as an idea for the future. Is the sugar necessary from a chemical point of view or is it just to sweeten it up more?


  11. English Rose-C says:

    Congratulations on being FP’ed!
    I have some raspberry vinegar made with basalmic vinegar in the fridge (I can’t use malt as it has gluten in). I drink it neat when needed, alternating with cider vinegar, also drunk neat! Refreshing tip: cider vinegar diluted in water…delicious!
    My Mum always froze our excess raspberries “from the cane” with just a little sugar sprinkled over. They store well and taste almost fresh – which is great in the depths of winter!!!


  12. keiththegreen says:

    Here in Canada those best before dates mean a product has lost 10% of it’s nutritional value, not that its bad. Don’t forget making smoothies out of that fresh fruit, would even give you a reason to make some home made yogurt.


  13. léa says:

    Great idea! I just did my own flavored oil today (nut oil and ceps), so I might just continue with this yummy looking vinegar. Oh, and I love your little drawings btw, they really are cute 🙂


  14. swimmersbun says:

    I just love fresh fruit. Especially raspberries, I’m jealous you have an excess. They’re great in smoothies, deserts, on salads and in other dishes, and of course just by themselves. I’d be happy to take some of those off your hands 😉


  15. Shannon says:

    We moved away from CA a few months ago (what were we thinking??) to TX. When we were in CA we had a large orchard. I loved all the fruits and miss having an over abundance of them. I especially miss the lemon trees. When the lemons were ripe we would have lemon EVERYTHING! Lol, I was reminded of that tonite reading your post about your raspberries. I enjoyed your post as well as your drawings. I’ll have to add this to my short list of favorites!


  16. gwynnem says:

    I’m quite jealous of your raspberry harvest. They are such a delicacy here in Denver, CO. Great post. Looking forward to reading more of blog writing in the months to come!


  17. Auburn Meadow Farm says:

    Hi Anne,
    I love your blog – we obviously have much in common : )

    I’m laughing because like you, my enthusiasm for making exotic preserves exceeds my ability to eat them too. The beetroot relish you asked about from Pam Corbin’s book? Loved it and still have jars from two years ago, lol.

    And, I made rhubarb-beet tarts earlier this year; totally agree, beets make really good desserts!
    Anyway, just subscribed & looking forward to your next adventrue…


  18. knitsofacto says:

    Sorry! I love raspberries on bread and butter, any bread to be honest, but with the problems I’m having with my jaw I can only chew the soda variety.

    The cake sounds interesting … some of my favourite things in it.


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