a sitting duck

The little brown duck has been sitting tight on her nest. The other ducks leave the run every morning to perambulate around the farm but she stays put, wedged between the back of the duck shelter and the wall. At four in the afternoon, she covers her eggs with feathers and straw before waddling down to the pond for a dip. Suitably refreshed, she returns to the run, makes a bit of noise in the hope that she might get fed early and then settles herself back on her nest.

This morning she ran off with others without even bothering to cover her eggs; like a wanton hussy she nipped through the hedge with the boys.

She was still missing at lunch time and  I thought she may have deserted. My ducks have a tendency to sit for a fortnight and then give up. Or hatch the eggs and kill the ducklings as they emerge. They are not good mothers.

But she’s back again now. So we shall see what happens next …


11 thoughts on “a sitting duck

  1. ceciliag says:

    Why do they kill their ducklings, do they get a fright or something? Our ducks never hatched anything either. my chickens are much better at it but i don’t want or need many more of those in my garden!! Next year though I am hoping my peacocks will sit, that will be exciting! lovely shots of your wee duck. c


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