harvest 2012

The wheat harvest is nearly finished for 2012. We’ve cut all the wheat on this farm and just have another few hours left to do down the road. One field was so wet that the tractor and trailer had to be pulled out and with water standing in the wheelings, nobody wanted to risk taking the combine through that bit and so the wheat was left standing until Bill mowed it.

Walking around the fields where some of the stubble has already been cultivated and the oilseed rape for next harvest has been sown, it seems that we’re slowly sliding into autumn. There’s a slight nip to the air in the morning, the evenings are slowly drawing in and the colours are changing from brilliant blue skies (there were a few) and golden wheat of summer to more autumnal colours.

The purple flowers and bright green leaves of globe artichokes have turned to brown seedheads.

The onions have been pulled, dried in the sun and now hang up ready to be used over the winter.

Purple sweet peas sit in dark coloured vases.

And the Czar plums are ripening on the tree.

I fear I may have become a little obsessive about raspberries (hence the Raspberry Recipe tab at the top of the page rather than more posts about raspberries) so you’ll be relieved to know that, as the plum crop is not heavy this year, it won’t be plums with everything.

14 thoughts on “harvest 2012

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What lovely pics encompassing the subtle shift of colour and tone of this time of year – it’s not quite autumn but summer is definitely coming to an end and the colours of things are just slightly more subdued and shaded. Glad you have some plums – we’ve had absolutely none and I have been buying apples. A sad indictment of the summer of 2012. E x


  2. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    Lovely as always Anne! I love your photos of the wheat, artichokes and onions. I imagine it is good to get a big task such as wheat harvest finished. On our farm we are just about to start shearing our sheep…our busiest time of the year. Happy Autumn!


  3. walnut95 says:

    Around Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire there are so many crops still out in the fields. At the back of my house I can see the wheat looks a lovely colour and when I walked down the field it looks well ripe , you do wonder why the farmer has not harvested it yet?

    Interesting to read your comments re Raspberries, mine have been very poor this year, various friends with plum trees are saying where are they this year? Does not bode well for my Damsons I buy each year as I love Damson jam.


  4. big house, little prairie says:

    Happy Harvest! We have been feeling autumn in the air, as well. Along with the impending sense of urgency to get everything prepared for winter. I have to keep reminding myself that it is still August. Enjoy those beautiful plums.


  5. ottomummy says:

    I could “hear” autumn, couldn’t work out what it was then realised it was the robins! They’d been quiet most of the summer and now they are out and they sound like autumn. We’re gearing up for the hop harvest in Kent, lovely time of the year. Lovely post.


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