in my kitchen – November

In my kitchen …

The last few crumbs from a piece of this magnificent wedding cake. Bill’s niece was married in Kenya last Saturday and we were lucky enough to be invited. The wedding day was amazing with dancing and singing, hot sunshine, a sumptuous array of food and then a downpour of rain (that made us Brits feel at home). After the cake was cut, the bride and groom each fed a piece to one another, then each of them fed pieces to their new parents-in-law and finally they presented each set of parents with a cake, showing that they will care for them in the future.

While we were away, the cider that we started last month sat quietly bubbling away in the corner.  When it was first put into the demijohns it was fermenting so much that it frothed up through the airlock. Now it’s settled down a bit there’s just a gurgle every now and then as a bubble of air bursts out.

Apple chutney quietly bubbling away on the stove.

It may look as if the pantry shelves are full, but apple chutney is my favourite chutney and I thought it would be the best use for the few Bramley apples on the tree this year.

Aloe Vera because I’m always burning myself. Yesterday I picked up a saucepan forgetting that I’d just taken it out of the oven and this morning I burnt my finger on the oven shelf. I knew it was stupid to use a tea towel to move the shelf but the oven gloves were at least three paces away and the tea towel was by my hand. I always put a little of the aloe vera gel onto my burn after I’ve held it under the cold tap for the requisite time, though I’m not sure whether it does anything other than make my hand soft.

Through the kitchen window (now with secondary glazing put back in because it’s getting decidedly cooler) … the rhubarb has flopped, the tomato, runner bean and sweet pea plants have been pulled out, the coriander seeds need picking, the asparagus needs cutting back and the artichokes at the far end are growing even taller.

Not much cooking this time but tomorrow baking begins in earnest with Christmas cake making and green tomato mincemeat.

What’s happening in your kitchen this month? Why not join in with  Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

13 thoughts on “in my kitchen – November

  1. heidiannie says:

    That cake is magnificent!
    And I love gurgling cider- you have quite a few apple projects going on- the apple harvest must have been good?
    I have so many burn scars on my arms and hands that it looks like tribal markings- I recently found a product that is 100% pure water that is somehow made in a wafer form- you put it on the burn and cover with a bandage and it keeps the skin from drying out and scarring. I’m thinking I should invest in this stuff- because I certainly need enough of it!
    Your gardens look so clean and green- mine are littered with fallen leaves.
    Thanks for sharing- I always enjoy your posts!


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      Our apple crop has been a bit dismal – we only made about a sixth of the cider this year – but cider is still the best way of storing apples. Your burn wafer sounds ingenious; I’ll have to look out for it or just be more careful.


  2. knitsofacto says:

    You don’t know how I long for a proper pantry and a potager … all that time spent hanging out with the ‘Young Farmers’ growing up and I went and married an engineer!

    There will be chutney making happening in my kitchen soon, though I haven’t decided of exactly which kind, beyond that I’ll be using the last of the foraged apples.

    That wedding cake is awesome and so exotic!


  3. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial says:

    You’ve been in Kenya? How wonderful! That cake looks amazing!
    I always love gazing out your kitchen window – even at flopped rhubarb! 🙂 I am sorry to hear you’ve burnt yourself though. The chutney looks delicious, and it’s nice to see your cider in progress! Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us!


  4. theclevercarrot says:

    What a beautiful cake! I’m sure it tasted as good as it looked. Do you have a recipe for apple chutney? I have lots of apples to use up. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your kitchen 🙂


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