Christmas wreath

Christmas wreathIs your front door decorated with a bright cheerful wreath? We sell wreaths like the one above but I like to make my own to hang up on Christmas Eve.

making a wreathmaking a rustic wreath

Mine are simple rustic wreaths made with branches cut from the hedgerow. The branches need to be a bit springy so hazel and willow work well. Bend one branch into a circle, overlapping and twisting together the ends, tie together with twine and then one by one, twist the other branches around your base circle overlapping them as you work your way round the circle. After a few days the twine can be cut away as the branches should have dried out and will keep their shape.

christmas wreath with rosehips

To add interest, include branches with berries or leaves as you make the wreath …

Christmas wreath herbs

… or when you’re ready to hang it, poke fresh foliage into the twisted branches or use a glue gun to attach things more permanently.

Christmas chandelier

Nearer Christmas I’ll make the Christmas chandeliers to hang from the ceiling. This is one made a couple of years ago by tying foliage such as Christmas tree branches, holly, ivy and mistletoe onto a large hoola hoop, adding decorations and ribbon or string to hang it. When the children were smaller, I used to hang lots of sweets from the hoop and they’d stay there until we took the decorations down in January. Nowadays they reach up and pull out the sweets leaving empty sweet wrappers. In the kitchen I make a smaller ring, decorated with bay leaves, rosemary and thyme and hang teaspoons from it, which catch the light as they twirl around.

9 thoughts on “Christmas wreath

  1. sophiezest says:

    Lovely wreaths! I particularly love the first one: very elegant. No time to make wreaths here: I am snowed under (pardon the pun – it is, in fact, snowing) with work.


  2. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Your wreaths and chandelier are absolutely lovely! I use a wire frame as a base for mine but this idea of using willow and hazel twigs is lovely. The chandelier is a brilliant idea although the same fate will undoubtedly overtake the sweets if I make one here! How do you attach the teaspoons to your kitchen one? Glad your Advent drinks are back – I missed yesterday’s and thought may be it was just my lap top playing up. E x


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      As the twiggy wreaths last for ages it would be good to decorate them with flowers in the summer, but I always forget. I just tie the teaspoons on with ribbon. I might try biscuit cutters too this year.


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