all is calm, all is bright

frosty cobwebfrosty grasshoar frost on rose hip

A hoar frost on Tuesday night that left the countryside looking calm and bright. And cold.

Inside, all is calm too. No agonising over colour co-ordinated decorations because we just use the ones in the box and lots of greenery from the garden and fields. We don’t spend hours deciding which Christmas tree to pick, because we just get whatever is left in the barn when the last customer has gone on Christmas Eve. I don’t have to find the perfect wrapping paper and tags for presents because … well, because I don’t seem to have bought many presents yet.  I went shopping but for some inexplicable reason ended up wandering around a Calligraphy exhibition instead and bought no presents. Is there time to knit everyone a pair of socks for Christmas? Maybe not.

Of course there are a few things to be sorted out … but that can wait for another day. I’m going to raid the Advent Calendar.

advent calendar day 13

In the summer, the roses bloomed profusely and I tried all sorts of ways of using the petals. I made jams and jellies and curd and also steeped some rose petals, with a little sugar, in vodka. A few shakings and a month later I had a sweet smelling liqueur. My favourite way to drink it in the summer was Rose Petal Vodka with a squeeze of lemon juice, topped with soda water. I’m not sure if it will taste the same on a cold December day, but I’ll risk it.


11 thoughts on “all is calm, all is bright

  1. Jane says:

    That spiderweb is spectacular! And a calligraphy exhibition sounds like time far better spent than shopping for gifts. Our family only does presents for kids these days so it’s far more relaxed.
    Maybe you can knit everyone a single sock and promise the other is on its way?


  2. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    Lovely Anne, I like your attitude to all this Christmas stuff! How about that snow!? It is spectacular. Beautiful photos. An exhibition visit sounds much nicer than Christmas shopping.

    Do you know I have never seen snow? Our part of the world is hot, dry and dusty right at the moment. Enjoy you Christmas preparations.


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      My daughter was with her Australian cousins when they first saw snow. Apparently the excitement of it wore off after a very short while as they complained it was toooo cold. To be fair, they were very young at the time. Enjoy your hot days and think of us freezing cold over here.


  3. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    These effects caused by frost, or freezing fog in this part of the world, are amazing aren’t they? Now what is the technical definition of a hoar frost? I must Google it. Is it the term used for frost deposited by freezing fog? I rather hope so as it’s so beautiful I feel it deserves its own name. Sadly it seems now to be warming up again which will make driving easier but not nearly so pretty. I like your laid-back attitude to Christmas preparations – it’s very reassuring! Keep going! Couldn’t click on the Advent Box this am so I don’t know what you are raiding today! E x


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