Happy Christmas

This is a scheduled post. My sister, her husband and her four children will have arrived from Australia and we’ll be celebrating their arrival, catching up with their news and marvelling at how tall the children have grown. My computer will have been switched off and stay that way for the next few days, if not until 2013.

Tomorrow I’ll be cooking Christmas Dinner for 22 of us. Today I’m probably a little stressed. The Christmas Tree barn will be shut up at lunch time and we’ll bring in ivy, holly, herbs and Christmas tree branches to decorate the house. The Christmas tree will go up – too late now if the lights don’t work – and the foliage chandelier will be made and hung from the ceiling. My mother will be peeling potatoes and chestnuts, over excited children will be wound up even more by their older cousins, my children will all be home (see previous) and there will be chaos and fun in equal amounts.

There will, of course, be time to open the advent calendar …

day 24


sparkling wine

glorious English fizz


Let’s catch up again in 2013

5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Fiona says:

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours too Anne. I’ve loved learning a little of rural English life this past year. Didn’t realise you had a sister in Australia, where does she live? How exciting to have everybody together. Enjoy this special time.


  2. sally says:

    Hi Anne

    I came to your blog some months ago, from Cecelia’s Kitchens Garden blog I think, and loved your seasonal take on things particularly the view from your kitchen into your lovely veggie garden. But I didn’t bookmark you and when I wanted a recent slug of UK seasonal change (am originally from the UK but now live in sub tropical Australia) i thought of your blog again. I have just had a lovely time reading back through the year, you and your extended family all seem like very busy people with a finger in lots of pies. Thanks for sharing (except that bit about your garden wall, not sure I will look at it in the same way now!) and I look forward to seeing what this coming year brings. Happy New year to you, Sally


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      Welcome Sally. Like you I need a little seasonal contrast, which is why I love to read Australian blogs at this time of year. I enjoy seeing Australian sunshine when we have grey wintry days and then when (if) we have hot summer days I can read Australian bloggers complaining that they’re cold, even if it’s almost the same temperature as here.
      Happy New Year.


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