knitting socks by the fire

bay tree in snow

We have snow. Again. This morning I followed the tracks of the deer who wandered across the lawn, stopping to nibble the bay leaves en route to the Christmas trees.

christmas tree in snow

There have been snowdrifts and traffic chaos across the country but luckily we only have a little snow here, though enough to make the lane into the farm a little tricky. Although we live right by the roundabout, we have to drive three-quarters of a mile along a winding little lane to reach it, which this morning a delivery lorry took twenty minutes to negotiate. As a car then slid off the road on an icy corner there seems no point in venturing very far today; it seems a much better idea to stay put.

knitting socks by the fire

So, I’m settling down with a cup of hot spiced coffee to knit socks by the fire.

6 thoughts on “knitting socks by the fire

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Sounds a perfect Saturday afternoon activity! If you can juggle the four needles that is, which you can but I can’t so I can’t emulate you exactly! Dreading everything freezing solid by tomorrow morning – roads round here not too bad this afternoon, apart from the smallest lanes, but will all be ice rinks, come tomorrow I think. Look forward to seeing your finished socks when they are off your needles. Are they for you? E x


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