Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Friday’s breakfast …

oat breakfast

… oats and yoghurt. A bit beige and boring looking but quite frankly I can put up with at breakfast.

This is just a quicker and simpler variation of the blackberry and raspberry breakfast in a jar.

nut and banana toppingLast night I mixed half a cup of porridge oats with half a cup of apple juice and left it to soak overnight. This morning I just topped it with a little yoghurt, some chopped nuts, sliced banana and a little drizzle of honey. I’ve been thinking about this topping since Jayne’s comment on Monday that she eats her porridge with chopped walnuts and almonds and a bit of raw honey or maple syrup. Next time I make it, I’ll toast the chopped nuts (if I remember and if I have time) because I adore toasted almonds. But toasted nuts or not, this was a winning combination. Thanks Jayne.

I’m not a fan of “things in jars”, particularly the current craze for serving drinks in jam jars with a drinking straw, but this is a good portable breakfast if it’s made in a container.


5 thoughts on “Farmhouse Breakfast Week

  1. Jane says:

    Oh, seriously, what is with that drinks in preserving jars thing I see on the internet? I think it looks ridiculous and would be uncomfortable to drink from. Breakfast in a glass though – a proper glass – that I could enjoy!


  2. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    I can see that drinks in jars is a bit odd but layered food to be spooned out from a clear jar or glass I find very appealing so this has my vote whatever its colour or taste! I loved your blackberry and raspberry version and have every expectation of loving this one too. I know it’s a bit funny but I have to screw the lid on beforehand so that I can unscrew it at the breakfast table – gives a sort of picnic feel to the first meal of the day. Have to eat it with a non-metal spoon also. The rest of the household thinks this – the screwing the lid on and the non-metal spoon thing – is stark staring mad but I like the idea and am going to keep going with it especially now I have this other version to try!! E x


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