in my kitchen – april

Once again I’m joining in with Celia’s In My Kitchen where bloggers around the world link to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to give a peek into their kitchens.

In my kitchen this April …


… polyanthus and Easter eggs. There were rows of pretty coloured polyanthus for sale in the street at the weekend, which gave a welcome lift of colour as the wet snow threatened to fall again. This time last year, we had primroses and violets on flower and I was making spring jelly but so far this year everything is way behind and there’s no sign of a violet yet.

In my kitchen this April …

Simnel cake

… Simnel cake. Instead of putting a layer of marzipan in the middle of the cake, I mix in chunks of marzipan with the fruit as nobody in our family is madly keen on marzipan. Hence the Easter eggs instead of traditional marzipan balls on the top. I use my normal Dundee cake recipe but soak the fruit in Limoncello, add extra lemon zest and make a lemony icing for the top to make it slightly lighter and more spring like.

In my kitchen this April …


… chocolate truffles and a slab of fruit and nutless chocolate left over from Easter. Have you noticed the theme? There appears to be little in my kitchen that isn’t related to Easter. Spurred on by Celia’s enthusiasm for chocolate making, I thought I’d try to make chocolate & muscovado truffles and chocolate with raspberry gin truffles. There was quite a large batch and this is all that’s left, so they’ve been a reasonable success though I think a little more practice and tasting is needed. Bill is convinced that chocolate is going to be my next craze (I saw him roll his eyes when I opened the box of chocolate callets). I have a tendency to get slightly obsessed with things and do them to death for a couple of years and then forget about them. Papier mache, machine knitting, wirework, calligraphy, felting, sewing to name but a few; all crazes that have been and gone, sometimes resurrected for a brief spell but others cast aside forever.

In my kitchen this April …

cranberry and orange marshmallow

… cranberry and orange marshmallows. Another addition to the Easter sweet box because they are so ridiculously easy to make but expensive to buy if you want good quality ones. The downside of making marshmallows is the realisation that they are simply sugar and gelatine, though maybe the addition of cranberries and orange will add a little goodness. Alright, that may be pushing it a little far. They look a little lumpy here, but they are gloriously light and fluffy and the cranberry almost takes the edge off the sweetness.

In my kitchen this April …

veg garden

… the view through the kitchen window, which looks incredibly similar to last month’s view. Apart from digging out a few more leeks, everything is the same. Nothing has been planted because it’s been so cold (you can just see the remnants of last night’s frost on the sleepers and grass) though we’ve had some sun today that might be the start of spring. Fingers crossed.

What’s happening in your kitchen this month? Why not join in with Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

15 thoughts on “in my kitchen – april

  1. andreamynard says:

    Nice to see some lovely Spring pics to lift the spirits when it’s still so cold outside. Had never considered making marshmallows but now you have me thinking. Reassured to see somebody else hasn’t planted outside yet – although your beds at least look perfect, ready to go as soon as the temperature rises. The view from my kitchen keeps making me feel guilty as I am so late at even getting the ground cleared. Optimistically thinking of light evenings…..


  2. bizzylizzycooks says:

    Your polyanthus are so pretty! And I always look forward to the view from your kitchen window.


  3. Laura says:

    It’s still cold and wintery here too. That cake (and those marshmallows) look and sound delicious! At least it’s spring inside, right? :-/


  4. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial says:

    Anne, Pete calls those little obsessive bursts my “enthusiams”. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s why…in the Wind in the Willows television series, there’s a scene where Toad’s eyes glaze over as he becomes entranced with a new obsession, and Badger deadpans to Rat and Mole, “I fear, my friends, another enthusiasm..” I, on the other hand, have a saying, which is “harness the mania!” Ride that creative enthusiasm for what it’s worth until it fades. 🙂 (Darn, now Bill is likely to tell you I’m a bad influence again! :))

    No-one in our house likes marzipan either, I always love seeing your garden beds, even when they’re empty, and we make marshmallows from our fresh eggwhites – have you ever tried making them that way? They’re really light (there’s a Hugh FW recipe on my blog for them). As always, it’s a joy to peek into your kitchen! 🙂


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      Celia,despite his raised eyebrows when I first mentioned it, Bill has been the most enthusiastic participant in your timtam port slam! He even went to buy biscuits, which amazed me because he never shops for food.
      I’ve seen the marshmallow recipes with eggwhites but thought without the egg, they might have a longer shelf life, though they probably aren’t quite as light. Will have to give it a go one day.


  5. Pat Machin says:

    I’ve just finished a crochet blanket that I started about 4 years ago and has languished in a cupboard for the past 3. Perhaps, I’m learning to finish such things!

    I love your polyanthus. They bring such a splash of colour to a grey day. I know what you mean about the cold weather
    – the last of the snow went from the pavement outside our house yesterday but, in the shade, it is still several inches thick.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your garden growing.


  6. Olallieberry says:

    Always enjoy the view of your orderly backyard. Nice to see you have some green back there, we’re still buried in quite a bit of snow and won’t see any ground for a bit yet 🙂


  7. theclevercarrot says:

    Hi Anne! Spring is a bit late this yea,r isn’t it? Your flowers look very pretty though 🙂 And I love the fact that you combined the flavors of cranberry & orange for your marshmallows. I might have to try that one next!


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