a virtual cabinet of curiosities

My virtual Cabinet of Curiosities is still rather bare, so some additions for April.

primroses, violets

On the nature shelf

is a celebration of the arrival of spring with flowers and leaves from the garden.

The Remarkables
On the shelf from abroad,

I give you The Remarkables from Kangaroo Island because they are truly remarkable. Balanced on top of a granite outcrop, these granite boulders have been eroded by wind and rain so that they resemble an enormous Henry Moore type sculpture on a plinth.

barley barn
On the miscellaneous shelf,

The Barley Barn that stands near the entrance to our farmyard. We believe the oldest part of this barn was built in the sixteenth century and that at the turn of the eighteenth century the rest of the barn was joined to it, using bits from earlier buildings including fourteenth century posts and Tudor bricks. It’s a beautiful barn but, as it’s no use for modern agriculture, it’s due to be renovated so it can be used as an art gallery and exhibition space. Work should start this summer, so it would be good to put the barn, in its current rather ramshackle state, into the virtual cabinet.

On the blogging shelf,

(this is virtual, so I can have anything I like) I wonder if I should put some blogs I enjoy reading. When I first discovered this blogging lark, I used my blogroll to check when blogs were updated, so I edited the list regularly, deleting those that went into terminal decline or moved. Then I started to use email notifications and WordPress Reader and I forgot to edit, so there were blogs on the list that hadn’t been updated for months and others that I’d lost interest in, while new blogs that I’d started to read weren’t added. It was no longer a reflection of what I was reading and instead of editing, I took the easy route and deleted the whole thing, choosing to link from posts to blogs that inspire me, which at least gives the reader some clue to what they’re going to find, rather than a random name in a list. But maybe I should reinstate my blogroll. Do you look down blogrolls and click to find out more? How do you decide who to include on yours? Or have blogrolls had their day?

11 thoughts on “a virtual cabinet of curiosities

    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      🙂 Loads of barns around here have been converted into houses, but this one is in the middle of our yard so I’m not sure anyone would want to live there. Also, we don’t have a Grand Designs budget! One day maybe …


  1. rusty duck says:

    That barn really is gorgeous. It will make a wonderful gallery.

    I started off with an updating blogroll and it’s still what I’d want to use out of choice. But there are so many wonderful blogs out there, I kept adding and it started to get unwieldy. Hence my current list that has its own page on the blog. But this way it’s static, I can’t find a way to make it update so I use a reader too. If I come across a new blog I really like I do browse the blogroll, chances are there will be others that I will enjoy referenced there too.


  2. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What a lovely idea, a virtual cabinet of curiosities! Love your eclectic selection of things. I am not a very good bloggy housekeeper so I am always a bit behind the curve with organising these things. I use Google Reader a lot and for WordPress blogs like yours I find the email notification works very well. Going to need to sort something out come July when Google reader goes down though apparently. E x


  3. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    I love the barn Anne, what a beautiful space for something creative!

    When I started blogging I looked at blogrolls all of the time. Now for some reason I rarely look at them. I read my blogs through my Blogger dashboard…although I feel like the only person in the world who does this. Do I need to be on some other reader? There are so many things I am yet to learn!


  4. Jane says:

    Oh how lovely to see our South Australian Remarkable Rocks on your blog! They are really fabulous and Kangaroo Island is a favourite family holiday spot of ours. Your barn looks lovely – yes it made me think of Grand Designs too! An art space sounds perfect.
    I sometimes check out people’s blogrolls, I guess I have discovered some good blogs that way, as well as by following links when people mention other blogs. I’ve never had one on my blog though… probably never known how to do it, ha. And if I just had a small list I would worry about offending anyone who I didn’t put on there… I probably over-think these things.


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