a spring day

Is it spring? Or has it been and gone?

Alchemilla Mollis

We seem to be in a cycle of one glorious sunny day followed by a few grey dismal days. Everything in the garden is behind. Winter clothes that were put away for the summer have gradually been slipped back on. In the evenings we sit shivering until we relent and light the fire.


blossom on bramley apple tree

But there are signs of spring; the apple trees in the garden are a froth of blossom, the petals littering the grass like confetti.



We have tadpoles! A sure sign of spring. We saw a lone tadpole or two swimming gamely along the edge of the pond, but then noticed that this bucket, which had been blown into the pond (and I’ve been meaning to retrieve for the past week) was just a mass of tadpoles. I’m not sure how many will get eaten by the ducks, but with luck some will survive.


traction engine Blackley Lane

And apropos of nothing, this traction engine chugged past the end of the farm entrance this afternoon. A slightly bizarre sight.


6 thoughts on “a spring day

  1. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Spring seems a very reluctant visitor this year. I don’t mind so long as Summer hurries on in regardless but when you think the days are gong to start getting shorter again in less than a month and we’ve barely had a day out of winter-weight coats and cardigans it’s a bit depressing. Love your bucket of tadpoles and the apple blossom has gone berserk here too which bodes well for this year’s apple harvest! Here’s hoping for summer even if Spring hasn’t quite come up to expectations! E x


  2. Jayne says:

    In New England we might have Spring for about two weeks then right into the hot humid weather. Love the tadpoles, on my walk yesterday I went by a little pond and saw huge masses of them, all is right in the world!


  3. Pat Machin says:

    Your Alchemilla is farther on than ours but there are drifts of appleblossom like snow on the flyover down the hill.

    Since we have frost forecast for later in the week but the Rosemary is in bloom, I’m not sure what season this is now.


  4. knitsofacto says:

    Weather wise it’s not very spring like here today either, but we too have apple blossom in view, no tadpoles though.

    I’m beginning to wonder if those few hot days were summer!


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