in my kitchen – September 2013

Once again I’m joining in with Celia’s In My Kitchen, where each month, bloggers around the world share a little of what’s happening in their kitchen and link to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

One of the best things about this time of the year is that I do hardly any food shopping, relying on the garden and freezer (and milkman) to supply most of our needs and then top up every couple of weeks with butter, sugar and the like. The downside is that meals can become a little repetitive so that an accurate description of In My Kitchen would probably be heaps of beans, tomatoes and plums. I can’t show you exciting delicacies from far flung adventures abroad or exquisitely made gadgets picked up in a back street bazaar, but as usual, day to day simple living in the kitchen.

In my kitchen …

bread puffs

… bread puffs

I had a little bread dough left over and these are always fun to make. Take a ball of proved dough, flatten it with the palm of your hand and then use a rolling pin to make a thin, flat disc a millimetre or two thick.  Or you can roll out a rectangle and cut into triangles, as I did this time. Leave your flattened disc to rest for five minutes and then put into a hot oven for 4 minutes so that the disc rises to make a puffed ball. Leave to cool on a wire tray.

bread puff filled with salad

When you’re ready to eat, cut a small hole in the bottom using a serrated knife – sometimes they need moistening first with a spot of water – and stuff with salad. Don’t dress the salad because it will soften your bread. Turn over (with the hole underneath) so that everyone can bash the top with their knife to reveal the salad below. If some of your discs don’t rise just use them as flatbreads to serve with dips.

In my kitchen …

raspberry granola

… making  granola

Raspberry this week, plum next week and possibly apple the following week as I like to change the recipe as the fruit season progresses.

In my kitchen …

eating raspberry granola

… eating granola

I don’t stir dried fruit into my granola as I prefer to top it with fruit and yoghurt at this time of year. I’ve learnt that it’s best to take the stones out of plums before plonking them on top of my granola as almonds and plum stones look uncannily alike.

In my kitchen …

raspberry vinegar, blackberry vinegar

raspberry vinegar and blackcurrant vinegar

I know it’s terribly 1970s to use fruit vinegar, but I think they’re useful to have in the pantry. I use them in salad dressings and anything that needs a bit of sweet and sour, like red cabbage.

In my kitchen …

view from kitchen window

… the view from the kitchen window

The fruit trees are laden with fruit this year. We’re eating plums every day and the apples are nearly ready. The crab apples are already ripe and are starting to fall to the ground but I’m resisting the urge to preserve as many as possible and instead, I’m taking Jane’s advice to leave the fallen fruit for the hens (and therefore food for egg production) rather than thinking of it as wasted fruit rotting on the ground.

In my kitchen …

crab apple jelly with tomato and chilli

… crab apple jelly with tomato and chilli

Alright, I couldn’t resist making just a few pots of crab apple jelly with tomato and chilli. But I’m not going to make pots and pots of jam this year.

What’s happening in your kitchen this month? Why not join in and share?

44 thoughts on “in my kitchen – September 2013

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow. wish our garden was big enough to have all that fruit growing. Definately going to try your bread puffs, they look great. We are overflowing with runner beans & courgettes, and enjoying every mouthful. Wonderful blog THANK YOU SO MUCH.


  2. Glenda says:

    Hi Anne, I have four lemon trees bursting with fruit and I too am resisting making anything out of the fruit. We haven’t used up last years lemon cordial yet. I know I will have to bury them but it is hard. It is such a pity we don’t know people who could use the fruit. I hate so much to waste it. That raspberry vinegar looks lovely. I just fertilised my canes today, maybe I will get more than 3 raspberries this year and make some.


  3. Spoon Feast says:

    I adore your view! And the green house, well, I’d be so busy year round!
    It doesn’t matter if folks think fruit vinegar is dated, I make and use it all the time. Have you tried to make your own vinegar from your apples?


      • Spoon Feast says:

        The best part is playing around with it. I made red wine vinegar in our tiny kitchen one year, the smell made Robert gag so I had to give it up. I’d love to have the space to do all the things I’d like to.
        I hope your vinegar works out well, let me know!


  4. andreamynard says:

    Lovely post. Feel very similar in the way we’re eating at the moment – trying to shop as little as possible and make the most of the abundance growing outside as well as free up space in the freezer too. Looks as if that crab apple jelly with chilli and tomato was definitely worth making, I bet it’s so delicious.


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      It’s a wonderful time of year isn’t it? As fast as I take meat out of the freezer though, the space gets taken up with vegetables. Thank goodness I defrosted it before the garden went mad as I don’t think I’m going to get to the bottom for months now.


  5. Jane says:

    I love the look of those bread puffs – we’ve done similar in a pan on the stovetop, I think it was a River Cottage recipe. Kind of magic how they become two perfect halves isn’t it? I hope your chooks are enjoying the feast 🙂


  6. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    Hello Anne, who needs delicacies from far flung adventures or exquisitely made gadgets when you have all of this on your property! Your bread puffs looks delicious…a favourite of mine. Your granola looks and sounds delicious too, fruit and yoghurt would be the perfect partner for it. Just look at the view from your kitchen, truly it is like a postcard.

    I agree with your pots of jam idea too…no-one wants hundreds of jars of anything, small batches work for me too 🙂


  7. elaine says:

    Do you have the recipe for the Chilli and Tomato jelly somewhere on your blog that I could refer too – I would love to have a go as I’m rather partial to chilli jelly but it is really expensive to buy.


  8. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial says:

    Anne, I’m with Jane on this one – any far flung treasures that the rest of us have in our kitchens pale against your gorgeous fresh produce and homemade goodies. I love your bread puffs – not actually something I’ve made, but you can bet I’ll be trying from now on – and we love making jellies. We love eating them too, but the making is so much fun, and seeing all those jeweled colours in the jars just makes me so happy.. 🙂


  9. Jas@AbsolutelyJas says:

    I’d give up the most exotic thing in my kitchen (this month, some pretty lovely mushrooms) for a kitchen garden as prolific as yours Anne 🙂 I’ve never had fruit vinegar, but I very much like the idea of it!


  10. Garden Correspondent says:

    From here, your kitchens seems full of exotic delicacies. Raspberry vinegar! And I will now be sure to stone my plums before topping granola – I felt it in my teeth when you wrote how much they look like almonds. Ouch!


    • Anne @GtSlamseysFarm says:

      One of the wonderful things about reading IMK posts is that one person’s delicacy is another person’s everyday food, or even a glut that they’d happily give away. I’d happily trade any of the above for some of your figs.


  11. sophiezest says:

    Beautiful post! I must try your bread puffs, they look such fun. And I love raspberry vinegar. The trouble with my kitchen is it looks just the same as any other time of the month: a bit messy and not very inspiring. Will see what I can cook up this weekend.


  12. Kim Bultman says:

    Anne, I’ve never seen a bread puff salad — so ingenious! I’d take one out to your beautiful patio, sprinkle a little fruit vinegar on it (seriously), and savor the view. Simple is fine by me, too.


  13. heidiannie says:

    Your kitchen is always so filled with goodness! I made some red pepper jelly last week and then left it all in Virginia. I’m going back down next month and snagging a jar of that jelly!!
    Your bread puffs look delicious- I make fried bread on the same principle- only of coursemin is fried and so, sinful.
    Love your kitchen view- fruit trees are so great to have.


  14. TIFFIN bitesizedfood (@TIFFINbitesized) says:

    Those bread puffs look fun but what really takes my fancy is your granola. By the way – inspired by one of your past IMKs, I have ordered the add ins to make my own bitters. I can’t wait until the parcel arrives. I think I’m going to have a go at Blood Orange & Fig. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  15. dianeskitchentable says:

    I love those bread puffs – I’m already thinking of all the things I could stuff them with. Now I’m embarrassed though to hear that fruit vinegars are old news since I just discovered raspberry vinegar & have been using it for a fantastic salad. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to accept that I”m not up with the times.


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