in my kitchen – April 2014

I’m not a fan of the Make-Up Free Selfies that are doing the rounds on Facebook (and this article pretty well sums up my opinion ) but never one to miss a chance to jump on the bandwagon just as it disappears from sight, here’s my real kitchen. No carefully arranged photos with tastefully chosen accessories. No tweaking or editing. Just shots taken this morning in my kitchen.

The good

spring salad with flowers
Leaves picked from the garden, dumped on the doorstep while I went off to do something else. A selection of over-wintered lambs lettuce, parsley, chard, cutting celery and rocket flowers with spring flowers and chives. Remembered, retrieved and brought into the kitchen for lunch.

duck eggs
Duck eggs. Each morning I race the crows to pick up the eggs that the ducks lay in the middle of the run, instead of under their shelter. The barn roof is littered with broken duck eggs, so obviously I’m often too late and the crows have swooped down and carried them away. Incidentally, they do the same to tiny chicks and ducklings. It’s a hard life sometimes.

Some days the eggs are dated and put straight into boxes, some days they get left lying on the table held in place by a trivet until I need to get something out of the oven. I am not a naturally tidy person but I hate living in a mess, so force myself to put things away. Were I to fill in a form where I rate my tidiness on a scale of 1 to 10, I would be in the middle. Neither tidy nor untidy. Now I wish I’d cleaned the food colouring stain from the table before I took the photo. Or moved the eggs.

The bad 

sourdough bread
Sourdough bread. I was talking as I poured in the water and my concentration lapsed. The dough was too wet and as I’d just emptied the sack of flour, it stayed wet. When I turned the dough onto the bread paddle, I managed to drop it off centre so that I had to scoop the edges back onto the paddle. The result is a rather flat, wide loaf with a peculiar top. It looks pale because I slightly undercook loaves if I’m going to freeze them and then give them a good blast in the oven for 15 minutes before eating.

And the ugly

cyclamen and lemon
The dead and decaying. I must remember:
Plants need water
Lemons with the zest removed need using straight away


What’s happening in your kitchen this month?
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48 thoughts on “in my kitchen – April 2014

  1. The Snail of Happiness says:

    I am naturally untidy, but I do try to remember to cut zested lemons in half and freeze them… great when you need lemon juice later, especially since it makes the cells burst and so you get juice more easily when defrosted than when fresh.
    Daren’t photograph my kitchen… it’s always so ‘busy’!!!


  2. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Lovely pics, Anne and I like the lens of thought you shot them through. You’ve even made a dying plant and a has-been lemon look beautiful in their own way. Funny to see your trivet holding eggs on your kitchen table – I do exactly the same thing. I agree with you about the Facebook selfies but I am not much of a fan of Facebook the rest of the time either. E x


  3. mandala56 says:

    You might not think of those things as unique, but to me, they are, and look so appealing, too! A good photo makes everything look special, I suppose. I should try it. I share your feelings about the make-up free selfies (there wouldn’t be any other kind of picture of me, and I don’t like “causes.”)
    Thanks for some lovely photos!


  4. Selma's Table says:

    Love the Good, the Bad and the Ugly that you have going on this month – my kitchen is always tidy because it is so small – if I don’t clear away and tidy as I go along, the kitchen ends up looking like a bomb’s hit and I can’t cook at there is no where to prepare! Love the duck eggs and the story behind them.


  5. Sarah says:

    My friends always say how there’s always so much going on in my kitchen. I think it’s a polite way of saying wow what a mess!! However, you can’t make a cake without breaking some eggs! Lovely photos. Racing the crows sounds like a great way to keep fit!!!


  6. liz says:

    Ha, ha – at last I can compete with you – I have lots of plants in various stages of decay on my deck. from your sister in sydney


  7. Francesca says:

    I like your honest pics at the end. I have had a few problems with crows too and had to net the roof of the first chook /hen yard- I used some fruit tree bird netting stretched out. Some birds are so clever they can still get in the small gaps.


  8. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    Great post Anne, I love how you have captured a little bit of everything. Those leaves and flowers are gorgeous especially in that enamel colander. Those duck eggs are special, I would be rushing to beat those pesky crows too. Happy April cooking to you!


  9. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says:

    Hi there Anne! Like you, I wasn’t a fan of those make up free posts either… love your beautiful fresh sprigs of this and that, and those eggs. Nice! Sad about the pot plant! Happy cooking from my place to yours xo


  10. Jenny says:

    Great post, it’s all too easy to snap away at the photographic bits and ignore the stains, the zested fruit going solid in the corner (I love the freezing idea above) and the compost bin that really does need emptying…! But thats real life and I love blogs that reflect that.


  11. Pat Machin says:

    I never thought of undercooking bread that I am going to freeze! I do that with casseroles and soups so why not bread? Great tip.

    I love your ‘warts and all’ photos and can relate. Isn’t that what kitchens should be like, though? I like to think we live in real houses, not show homes.

    And, I love your duck eggs. They are really expensive to buy so everyone must be precious.


    • Anne @ Life in Mud Spattered Boots says:

      Imagine what hard work it would be to live in show home mode. Pat, I’m getting four duck eggs a day so getting a little blase about them – my ducks are way better layers than my hens. If only I could teach them to lay somewhere clean all the time.


  12. Glenda says:

    Anne, your bread made me smile. Oh so many times I have had similar looking loaves. On a 1-10 scale for tidiness I would get 1 and this is for trying.


  13. thegardendeli says:

    A kitchen that’s too tidy can only mean that it isn’t really being used, well that’s my excuse anyway! And your bread doesn’t look so bad… I’ve pulled much flatter, sadder looking sourdough loaves from the oven.


  14. heidiannie says:

    I love your header with the violets. I have a field of violets in the side yard and spend many quiet moments picking them- I love bouquets of them with sweet woodruff and I also love them crystalized- although that is another group of many moments- and filled with mumbling and complaining ( I have more patience picking than sugaring!)
    The eggs are gorgeous- NASTY crows!!
    I like your rustic sourdough loaves- much character!


  15. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial says:

    I rarely ever wear makeup (although I’d probably draw on a moustache if I was part of a netball team, but I don’t play netball ;-)), so I’ve never understood what the drama with the “no makeup selfies” was all about. But I do so love seeing your real and honest kitchen! I have ink stains on the bench too (white bench, black marker), so I’m always positioning plates carefully for photos. Pete’s tidier than I am, I’m probably at the half way mark like you, but I tend to walk around all day in my reading glasses, so I don’t see most of the mess – works well for me. Unlike you though, I don’t have to fight bloody crows for my eggs!! 🙂


  16. knitsofacto says:

    That colander of green just looks perfect to me.

    My kitchen is full of dye plants steeping in old preserving jars at the moment … I’m just hoping no one mistakes them for food!


  17. Sally says:

    Thanks for sharing that Guardian link. I also abhor the rounds of meaningless social media ‘share this for awareness things. As the selfie brigades contained donation links once it reached me I joined in – but this article made me think a lot deeper about it (especially quote from cancer patient).
    Also not naturally tidy but hate mess – have to dig myself out now and again especially paper in my study. Love a tidy kitchen.
    Such a vivid portrayal of the reality of raising livestock too – the bittersweet of duck rearing.


    • Anne @ Life in Mud Spattered Boots says:

      The tidiness score of my desk is somewhat lower than that of my kitchen. Keeping livestock is just a cycle of life and death – this week it’s been good because one of the horses produced a foal so it’s been a joy to watch that. My husband shot one of the crows but there’s plenty more.


  18. dianeskitchentable says:

    I love your theme of the good, the bad & the ugly but have to say that I love your bad & ugly as much as the good. It’s the overall photo & how naturally you shoot things that I love the most. I actually like looking at the poor droopy flower & it reminded me that I need to water my pots of basil sitting in the window yelling “I’m thirsty, water me”.


  19. andreamynard says:

    Love your honest kitchen views – but it’s all still so beautiful! Those duck eggs and the freshly picked salad look so lovely.


  20. tiffinbitesized says:

    I’m a bit of a ‘zester and forgeter’ so I know what you mean… Lovely salad greens – I bet you’re glad Spring has finally sprung! Thanks for the comment on my own IMK post. I can see it on email but for some reason, it will not show on the blog. Cheers.


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