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striped rhubarb jelly

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You may remember that I have a slight obsession with jelly. I make jelly layered with flowers, jelly with Blackberry Gin, Rose Gin, Sloe Gin or any sort of gin in fact, striped jelly and  plain jelly.  I make star shaped jellies and heart shaped jellies, firm geometric jellies and voluptuously wobbly jellies. In short, I love jelly.

Imagine my delight then to discover Jelly Printing. I’ve been playing around with it for a while now and it’s so much fun!

jelly printing plant

Watch this space. I suspect there will be more jelly related posts.

21 thoughts on “jelly printing

  1. andreamynard says:

    Fab idea! I only tried mono printing recently for first time (with leaves & just using cheap place mats) but jelly – now you’re talking! A couple of days of Easter hols left too….


  2. Glenda says:

    Anne, I think I must be a bit handicapped, but I need more information. Is the print on the paper or the jelly? Is this a way to decorate jelly or make a nice print? The ink or paint makes me think, along with Celia, that you don’t eat the jelly. Is this right?


  3. My Kitchen Witch says:

    Interesting use of jelly! I bet it’s cheaper than an acrylic gel media to transfer prints. I can see all sorts of possibilities with elderflowers, Queen Anne’s lace…all sorts of wildflowers. Also love the jelly moulds.


  4. Christina says:

    What a great idea Anne! I am adding gelatine to my shopping list to make some beautiful cards. It is the best time of year for tender leaves and young delicate plants. I suppose if you cut the top of the jelly you can still eat it… the kids won’t ever have to know. x


  5. Sarah says:

    A great idea, and the results are beautiful. But you do have to wonder about the person that first thought “I know what I’ll try… printing with jelly”


  6. dianeskitchentable says:

    Oh I really love this & have got to try doing it. When you say jelly, are you referring to what we call Jello (colored gelatin) here? I could see doing 4 different seasonal prints on rag paper for each season, then framing them together.


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