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This week I’ve been …

flowers and cake for hen partyhen party making buntinghen party cocktails
Baking for a Hen Party for Slamseys Art. Garlands and Bunting. Tea and Scones. Mixing Slamseys Gin Cocktails. Wild flowers in jam jars. Lovely girls in summery dresses. All brought together in an old beamed barn. Very English. Very good to watch from behind the scenes.

wedding invitation
Planning a wedding. Lifting my mother’s wedding veil from its wrapping of blue tissue paper for my daughter to try on. Wondering if it matters that there are holes in the veil that were made when it caught on a blackberry bush the last time it was worn nearly sixty years ago. Deciding that it matters not a bit. Wondering why I was so determined not to wear a veil on my wedding day.

fields in the rain
Walking in the rain. Not a downpour when rain trickles down the back of your coat making cold rivers down your neck, but a mizzling rain that comes and goes. A damp day when sound is muffled and you become aware of noises close by. The slight squelch of every footstep. Raindrops splashing heavily on your coat as you walk under an oak tree. Water trickling from downpipes. Sometimes I walk just to work things out in my head or I walk with someone and we chat, chat, chat and when I get home I realise I haven’t noticed anything because my brain or my mouth was too busy. Not today.

footpath in The Ley

Today’s walk was one to clear my head after a day in the office and to enjoy because, don’t you know, that the best, the very best month to be in England is May when everything is green and verdant and blossom and blooms abound?

looking towards Gt Forest
Which is the best month where you live?

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  1. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial says:

    Lovely, lovely post Anne. And a wedding! So excited for you! The hens parties look like they’re going well in the barn, although I do think you should take onboard some of my ideas and spice them up a bit..hahaha. And England in May – that’s the England of all the tv shows and books I grew up on as a child – thank you for the beautiful verdant (lovely word) photos!


  2. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Sounds a perfect week. And yes, May in England is the best – “apple blossom time” as the WWII song has it. Congratulations to your daughter and her fiancé if I have read you right! How lovely to be contemplating wearing her grandmother’s veil. Talking of weddings, I’ve just been sent a pic I think will make you laugh! I’ll see if I can scan it and send it to you tomorrow! E x


  3. no1ladykay says:

    Lovely post Anne. I never thought of May being the best month for lushness before but thinking of it I am drawn to my kitchen window all day at the moment gazing out on the fabulousness of the garden. In another month or two it will be faded in comparison.


  4. Fiona says:

    How I would love to attend one of your events in that beautiful ‘old beamed barn’ Anne.
    …. one day perhaps.
    April is possibly my favourite month where we are. We’ve nearly always managed some rain by that time and usually there is grass in abundance. The weather is starting to cool and days are pleasant, cattle are fat and worries are lessened.
    Thanks for a beautiful post.


  5. thegardendeli says:

    May is indeed a great month for walks in the countryside – I love the way that the dandelion yellow of April is replaced by the frothy white of hawthorn and cow parsley. And a wedding to look forward to as well… it’s going to be a good year!


  6. Christina says:

    I think the best month in the West of Scotland is probably May, too. I would have loved a hen party in your barn! When I got married I didn’t actually know what a hen party was (us Swiss are sometimes a bit dull) and I didn’t give the few friends I had made in Scotland much notice to organise one (15 days engagement). No veil at the wedding either. How exiting it must be to organise a wedding for your daughter! I would be hopping mad with excitement. I do hope my daughter will let me help organise hers one day. She is only ten so not anytime soon. And I just realise that I denied my mum the opportunity to help with my wedding. I am ashamed.


  7. Denny says:

    In the southern US where I grew up, May is best because it’s green and warm, flowers are already blooming and humidity is low. Where I live now in the upper Midwestern US, the best month is July. Flowers are blooming and the weather is comfortably warm. It took me forever to get used to Spring not arriving in April/May like I remember.


  8. cheri says:

    Hi Anne, What a wonderful post, it looks so beautiful there in England, I envy you with all that green. The hen party looks like a lot of fun. The best month for me is November, here in the southwest it is finally cooling off and the air starts to change. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  9. My Kitchen Witch says:

    What a lovely hen party! I love the idea of passing your mother’s veil to your daughter. I also chose not to have a veil, but my mother’s veil was actually fashioned from a net curtain – post War austerity measures – and I’m not sure if it was ever kept. I envy you all that lovely countryside – so beautiful and green. Yes, you are right, May is one of the best of British months!


  10. Jenny says:

    I love the little bits of heritage that we can pass down, the holes in the veil make it that bit more special, loved. I would never disagree about May in England, even in our little corner of South Wales (probably a cheat, I might be in wales but I can see England out of the window!)


  11. Misky says:

    That first photo is a treasure, and yes, I agree that there is only one place to be during the month of May – southeast England.


  12. Glenda says:

    Oh Anne it looks so green. It is still dry here though we did get some good rain yesterday. My favourite month here is June, the beginning of winter. Weird, I know.


  13. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    Your week looks great Anne…love those jars of flowers. I do love a wedding, how lovely that your daughter is wearing your mother’s veil. I think the blackberry hole would just add character and interest! When I got married I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in included any family history or traditions, now I really wish I had. I refused to wear a veil also, I really don’t know why.

    Your countryside is so pretty.

    I think the best month for us is April or possibly May. It is mild and there is not too much wind. Happy days 🙂


  14. e / dig in hobart says:

    what a beautiful area for you to walk in – so lush and verdant. we are entering winetrher and have some drizzly mornings and i agree – a damp days does muffle the sounds, and seems to shapen your senses to those you can here – and to the smell of that damp air. i took one such walk last weekend and it was actaualy quite magical in all its dreary grey drizzle!


  15. Ginger says:

    Thanks for your lovely post. I loved the picture of the light rain or mist, I suppose that’s what makes May so beautiful in England: it’s not as wet and cold as April, the elderflowers are in flower and you can almost smell summer – the anticipation of a warmer, drier season that never quite manifests itself, I suppose.


  16. dianeskitchentable says:

    Great photos and so beautifully written…I can feel the drizzly rain on my face. I think the hole in the veil adds to the charm. My daughter is getting married next August & I’ve been looking at my wedding dress & veil and my mother’s. The lace has darkened & they’re not her size or style but I’m thinking of incorporating pieces into whatever dress she chooses & have promised to make her veil.


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