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on the table january


I’ve been rather taken with Laura’s On The Table series at Circle of Pine Trees, as she documents her year with monthly photographs of her kitchen table “capturing the jumble that accumulates”. This is my version, though not the kitchen table because that would be a bit too like In My Kitchen.

So, here is my table in January. The one with the sewing machine up one end next to a pile of trousers that need mending. Not a major mend but just quickly sewing up the bottom of the pockets. Why don’t people understand that keeping nails and other sharp things in pockets makes holes in them. The pockets get shallower and shallower with every mend until there’s no room for sharp things or anything else but thankfully that usually coincides with a general falling to pieces of said trousers.

Obviously I have found more interesting things to do than mending, like pushing aside the trousers to make a little arrangement on the table. I often collect feathers on my walks that I use for jelly printing or just stick in old jam jars thinking it looks terribly arty but in fact just looks as if I didn’t know what to do with them.

Every now and then I decide that I’ll master crocheting and sit down with my crochet hook and enough enthusiasm to believe that a blanket is just the thing to make.My knowledge of crochet is gleaned from following diagrams in books where the hook and fingers seem in slightly different positions to mine and as I still can’t work out which bit of the stitch the hook goes into, it seems easier to stick to granny squares. After a few squares, with enthusiasm waning, I realised that a blanket is still beyond me and settled for a hot water bottle cover as a more manageable project. I made the cover with a closed top (as I thought it would be easier to slip the hot water bottle in from the bottom) but it’s been lying unfinished while I worked out how to make the fastenings for the bottom. Eventually, after a spate of cold nights and the prospect of more to come, I abandoned the crochet hook and knitted i-cords which just tie together.

Also on the table are two little notebooks that were a Christmas present. I can’t decide whether I prefer the rabbits or the jelly. I’m guilty of saving notebooks for something worthwhile as the sight of pristine pages makes me hesitate. I feel I should write something more momentous than a shopping list so I save them. For Something Important. Just as I save the special pens, which by the time I use them have dried up and are useless.

But not this time, these notebooks are to be used for working out some Fair Isle patterning. I’ve dug out my old Shetland pattern book for inspiration and need to work out some colour combinations, preferably using the cones of wool that are still sitting on the shelves since my foray into machine knitting thirty years ago. Waste not, want not. Speaking of which, I’d best get on with that mending.

14 thoughts on “on the table

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    Love your granny square hot water bottle cover! What do you mean you can’t crochet?! Looks pretty professional hooky work to me! I too am guilty about saving notebooks and then never using them. I don’t know why. I’ve been deliberately making myself counter this as it’s such a waste otherwise. Have a lovely weekend! E x


  2. dianeskitchentable says:

    Your room sounds a lot like my sewing & crafts room. Plenty of little things I’ve collected and can’t part with all stuck in jars or behind pictures. I have to laugh at your crochet aspirations. Many years ago I started a tablecloth crocheted with cotton thread similar to a crocheted cotton bedspread that my mother had made long ago. I still have it tucked away, possible 1/3 complete. Someday maybe I’ll get back to it.


  3. Auburn Meadow Farm says:

    Happy New Year Anne! I love your projects and completely sympathize with the hole-y pocket problem. Very annoying, but I cannot seem to find the time to drag out the sewing machine…

    I have a love/fear relationship with new notebooks too. I love to buy them, but the pressure of all those white pages is intimidating.


  4. e / dig in hobart says:

    love the granny square hot water bottle cover! and i’m glad you’re not saving your notebooks “for good” – I used to do that too, but now I believe in special things for everyday.
    you got me thinking about my kitchen table – some freshly picked apricots the birds haven’t gotten too, some seeds I saved from my garden which I must wrap up safely, some torn out recipes and a to do list.


  5. Annie says:

    I always pocket feathers too. Have you tried making little bunches of them and hanging them in a window .. pretty nothings really, but the slightest breath of air moves them.


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