in the orchard in may

Come on over


I’ve gone transatlantic! And all from the comfort of my computer.

For some time I’ve been following Cecilia at The Kitchens Garden where she combines elegant prose with fabulous photographs of life on her farm in Midwest America. To quote Cecilia writing about her blog,

“So that is why I have begun this series of work. To show us that we can do it.  We can live simply. That small is OK.  That gentle is good. That kind is the most underrated quality in a person.  That clean food you grow yourself and cook for yourself is amazing. That good sparkling healthy tastes on our plates shared with the family around the table every single night should be normal.”

Which is pretty much my philosophy too and why I enjoy reading it.

This week, Cecilia has run a series of guest posts from people living on farms in different countries and when she asked me if I’d like to join in, I didn’t hesitate. So if you pop over to The Kitchens Garden you can have a little tour of Slamseys Farm and check out C’s great blog.

5 thoughts on “Come on over

  1. Grannymar says:

    I enjoyed your transatlantic trip today and the walk through your farm. Now I need to wander through the fields of you blog and learn more about Life in Mud Spattered Boots! I have added you to my reader list so all new posts will pop up freshly baked.


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