What happens on a farm?


Let’s have a change from the normal.

Inspired by Jane’s Weekend Photo Safari and Cecilia’s audio track of the animals in her barn, I thought I’d combine the two with a video of yesterday on the farm.

This is a rather staccato video * – more slideshow almost – looking for eggs, checking scarecrows that should be keeping the pigeons off the oilseed rape, shutting up hens, tucking the sourdough up for the night. Nothing exciting, but life is like that sometimes don’t you think? When I watched it back, I was amazed at how noisy it is here. Not the bird song or cockerel crowing but the noise from the road. I didn’t realise how much I blank it out and listen for noises above it. No wonder, when we’re walking, we so often comment how beautifully quiet it is.

These are the two posts that inspired me. Click to look or listen.

The Shady Baker: Weekend Photo Safari

The Kitchens Garden: Shh, just listen


* My rather sparse filming technique is a direct reaction to childhood memories of watching home cine films where my mother slowly, slowly panned across the tulip fields of Holland (so slowly I swear we could have counted every individual flower in those vast fields).

31 thoughts on “What happens on a farm?

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Love the ducks! And the clock ticking. But that is a noisy road. I live in a town and all I can hear here is birdsong and sheep in the field opposite! Super post.


  2. dianeskitchentable says:

    Great video! It’s funny how you get used to your everyday noises inside and out. When my daughter was very young she wanted to ‘camp out’ so we set up a little tent on the back porch. I had the lounge chair – no floors for my back- but what I couldn’t believe was just how noisy it is out there at the crack of dawn. All those birds, each taking a turn giving morning announcements. And the light! It gets light early when you don’t have shades pulled down.


  3. EllaDee says:

    Wonderful day in the life of video. I really enjoyed the film star appearance of the feathered ones… oh my the paparazzi’s filming us… I’m off… The ducks are lovely 🙂


  4. Julie says:

    I am catching up with WordPress sitting in a noisy cafe, except for the ducks I could not hear very much noise, so did I miss the explanation for the Gin in the fridge with the dough? The comment on filming tulips made me laugh out loud Anne!


  5. arlingwoman says:

    I love this! And I was enthralled by C’s audio of the barn. Your addition of pictures–the greedy ducks, your beautiful raised bed garden, and of course the Guineas running along being Guineas and just the thought of your rising dough. Wonderful. Thanks.

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  6. Julie@frogpondfarm says:

    Oh Anne, I just love this. I think you have done a wonderful job.
    The cuts are brilliant .. and the audio is perfect. So nice not to have a voice over. Just delightful. I follow Celi too .. I felt like I was in that barn with her animals and birds. 🙂 Thank you


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      It’s a dovecote though we use it as a glorified garden shed. It used to be in the grounds of a big estate that was broken up and my father-in-law managed to get it dismantled and rebuilt here.


  7. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    What a lovely post! Loved seeing your assorted feathered friends in their various guises! Your ducks are amazing! They like their food don’t they?! Reminds me of H and a group of his friends with a vast tin of chocolate chip cookies! Gone before you can say “knife”! nterested you prove your dough in the fridge – always or just overnight? And is that a grandfather clock I can hear at the end? I love the companionability of audible clocks that tick away the hours and days faithfully and consistently – one of the most reassuring sounds in an ever-changing world I feel I am struggling to keep up with often. Have a lovely weekend Anne! E x


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      The ducks are amazingly greedy! I often prove the dough overnight in the fridge, either first prove or after it’s been shaped, because I don’t start early enough in the day to make sourdough in one day. A wall clock, not a grandfather clock, but a lovely tick nonetheless.


  8. fergie51 says:

    Love it! Could watch fowl and their idiosyncratics all day . Great fridge priorities too. Most of all I do really love that red colour on the walls. I think you said you didn’t know what its called but it would suit our little snug perfectly. Thanks for the tour :).

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  9. Sarah says:

    I adored this video! Those Guinea fowl are fast movers and what a gorgeous dovecote. I felt as if I was in England watching it and seeing the green green grass and cheery daffs. Thank you 🙂


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