Open Farm Sunday 2015

open farm sunday 2015

On Sunday 7th June, hundreds of farms across the country will be opening their gates to welcome the public for the 10th Open Farm Sunday. This annual event offers a great way for people to find out more about where their food comes from, talk to the farmers who produce it and get out into the heart of the countryside.

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Once again, we’re taking part with tractor and trailer rides around the fields, a walk to see how the Christmas trees are grown and the ever popular grain mills for grinding wheat into flour. Also, the Slamseys Art Trail runs throughout June, so there’s wonderful metal sculptures in the paddock and in The Barley Barn there’s a dramatic photographic exhibition and an eclectic collection of natural objects curated by my talented brother-in-law.

nature collection

Consequently this past week we’ve been tidying barns, sweeping the yard and hiding away all the broken bits and pieces we don’t want out on show. Bill has been making a plinth for a dragon and I’m trying to devise a Mystery Treasure Trail involving hens and lost eggs. As you do.

If you haven’t visited a farm lately, put 7th June in your diary and find out about the story behind our food. To find out which farms in your area are taking part, visit

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hope you have a great day on Sunday – it sounds like your visitors will have plenty to keep them occupied. It’s frightening to read the statistics about the number of children who can’t recognise vegetables in their unprocessed state and have no idea about where their food comes from… schemes like this that help make the link can only be good.

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