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On the farm, there has been much sawing up of trees that have died or of branches that have blown down in the recent winds while in the Barley Barn, Ruth and I have packed up the remaining Christmas decorations, stored away the display units and swept the floor of (most of) the glitter as we return the barn to its normal state. We’ve discussed how the season went, what our themes will be for Christmas 2016 and in a few days we’re off to our first trade show of the year to find our stock for next Christmas.

While we were doing a physical stock take in the Barley Barn, I was reminded of Jane’s stock taking exercise at The Shady Baker. The New Year seems as good a time as any to take stock, so here’s mine …

Eating: Christmas leftovers. The most successful was probably replacing the raspberries in my Raspberry Cake with cranberry sauce.

Resolving: to take a photograph every day. My only New Year’s Resolution.

Abandoning: New Year’s Resolutions. Life’s too short to spend the day looking for a photo opportunity.

Playing: board games. Trying new games, delving to the back of the cupboard to find the ones we rarely play and discarding the ones that nobody ever wants to play or that cause too many tantrums.

Drinking: our way (slowly) through the drinks cupboard, in similar vein to the board games cupboard. Why do we have such a collection of weird liqueurs?

Thinking: maybe we have too many cupboards.

Making: socks with leftover sock yarn. No two socks will be the same, which will cut down time wasted trying to match pairs.

Enjoying: closing the shutters, lighting the log fire and settling in for the evening.

Wishing: it was possible to visit my sister and her family in Australia more often.

Reading: Thin Air by Ann Cleeves

Cursing: the fox that ransacked the duck run, killing five ducks but taking none. Sadly, Rosa was one of the dead though her partner Sir Francis Drake escaped to the pond with six others.

Deciding: which seeds to sow in the vegetable garden.

Considering: our next long distance walk. Possibly the Devon coast to coast Two Moors Way

Hoping: for snow. Just for a day or two.

Disliking: these grey gloomy days

Buying: oranges direct from the grower in Spain. A box full of juicy goodness

Trying: lino printing.

Looking forward to: 2016


How about you?

35 thoughts on “taking stock

  1. sophiezest says:

    That all sounds pretty good, Anne. I agree about the gloomy days. I live just outside Leeds and our local area was affected by the floods. It get miserable, never seeing a crisp, sunny day.
    I hope you have a great 2016!


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      The floods look horrendous and as one subsides somewhere else seems to get hit. We’re very thankful that we live in the dry east of the country. I hope you didn’t get flooded.


      • sophiezest says:

        The fields are very boggy, my son’s school was without heating this week because the boiler room was flooded on Boxing Day, but we were largely unaffected. 5 miles away is another story… the bridges were underwater.

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  2. Gerlinde says:

    I understand your desire to see your sister. Having loved ones live on different continents is difficult . I go out of my way to collect miles for a flight. Your socks remind me of the ones my mom made for me. I love them and I think different colors are cute. Best wishes to you for 2016 with a lot of sunshine .


  3. Fiona says:

    Happy New Year Anne … bloody foxes! We have them here too, but very few and far between.
    Yes, if you were just able to pop down here when the weather there became too dreary for you … we have ample sunshine to spare. Which part of the country does your sister live in?
    All the best to you and yours for 2016.


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      My sister is in Sydney. We caught the fox in a cage when it returned the next night but unfortunately it managed to break the cage open. With luck it may have frightened it off for a while. We have far too many foxes and badgers.


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      Unfortunately, foxes killing hens and ducks are a regular occurence. At least when the fox strikes in the daytime, the ducks have a chance to escape but when they’re shut in the run they’re a bit stuck.


  4. Brian Skeys says:

    This is the time of year to make lists, I have done one listing the jobs to be done in the garden e.g: tidy shed! The mind is strong even if the body turns out to be weak!!
    Happy New Year Anne, Oh and cheers if the cupboard door is open.


  5. Sam says:

    I like your sock idea – I spend too much time matching up socks. Sorry to hear about your ducks. That’s rotten. There are lots of foxes and badgers about here too. I’m going to try your raspberry/cranberry cake tomorrow. Sounds delicious (and looked very good on Instagram).


  6. Julie says:

    Love this thoughtful post Anne, apart from the fox report, why do they not eat what they kill. I should like socks like yours and wish we had cranberries to try in your raspberry cake, I make it regularly now, its a real favourite with my family. Best wishes to you and yours for 2016.


  7. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    I love this list – though i read it and then threw on my coat and ran out to lock up the chickens. I have heard it said more than once that only humans kill for sport – not true. But the rest of your list is magnificent! c


  8. Sarah says:

    This is a great list Anne. I giggled when I read straight on from your resolution to the “abandoning” line 🙂 I’ve often considered a 365 day (or 366 as this year is) photo challenge, but I think it would ruin my love for photography. I use the camera several times a week as it is so I don’t think I need any more encouragement 🙂

    I hope you get some sunshine or snow soon….does snow come with sunshine?
    I’m so sorry to hear about the fox! It’s heartbreaking when predators get your livestock. We’re in snake season here, I’m keeping an eye out for pythons for the chickens safety and taipans and browns for our own. One the the things I don’t like about summer rain and long grass 🙂

    Sarah x


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      I am very grateful that we don’t have snakes!
      I agree about photo challenges ruining a love of photography. I once considered doing one of the challenges where they give you a daily prompt but soon realised that I was photographing things for the sake of a word rather than being inspired by something and wanting to record it.
      Not sure if we’ll get snow. Even if we don’t get sun with snow, the light reflects from the snow and brightens everywhere. As soon as you wake you can tell from the light that it’s snowed even before you look at the ground.


  9. Jane @ Shady Baker says:

    So sorry to hear about your ducks Anne…we recently had a snake kill a duck who was sitting on a nest of eggs. I found the snake curling himself around the dead duck, the whole thing was hideous. Are oranges grown locally in your part of the world at all? I have no idea. Oranges from Spain sound lovely. I hope you get some snow so you can share some photos with us!


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      On reflection, I’d rather have foxes than snakes. We don’t have enough sunshine or heat for oranges in this country. Spain is probably the closest country to us that grow oranges – mine travel about 1300km.


  10. andreamynard says:

    Those socks are fab, a lovely way to use leftovers. Look forward to reading about your long distance walks, ducks and Getting inspiration from your kitchen this year. Happy 2016 Anne!


  11. Annie says:

    I thought I’d already left a sorry about the ducks/good luck with the liqueur cupboard comment here, poppped by to check for a new post, and discovered I hadn’t. So I’m leaving it now, and addeing that I do hope 2016 is treating you well 🙂


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