On the farm in June 2017


Bee Orchid in grass and vegetation

A bee orchid (looking remarkably bee-like) nestling in the grass by the horse paddocks. Having lain on the grass to take the photo, much to the amusement no doubt of passing motorists, I got up and thought I could see something moving on the earth bund behind. I banged my head on an oak branch as I tried to work out what it was and then had to scramble through the fence, hoping that the electric fencing wasn’t switched on and crept along the field edge.

I managed to get a good photo of the stinging nettles …

deer behind stinging nettles

and just behind them, rather out of focus, you can see a deer.


The deer soon bounded off, though we’ve seen it a few times since. Last time, he was in the garden so I expect he will have worked out that there are roses and other delicacies to be nibbled and I may be less thrilled to spot him.



There hasn’t been much activity here on Life in Mud Spattered Boots as I’ve been gallivanting about the country with my sister and niece who were visiting from Australia. Normal service will soon be resumed.



16 thoughts on “On the farm in June 2017

  1. Christina says:

    I love orchids! The bee orchid looks really interesting, a bee with purple wings. I haven’t found any wild ones here but haven’t looked very hard. We have urban deer in Glasgow. A while ago one jumped over the school fence and bounded off up the road, just metres away. It took me a moment to identify the creature, I was so startled. My first thought was Scooby Doo…. hope you are enjoying your time travelling around the country. x


  2. Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    How lovely to discover a bee orchid only yards from home. As you say, it’s amazingly bee-like. Deer are a bit of a mixed blessing as far as having them in the garden is concerned but still rather nice to encounter one as you did. Enjoy the gallivanting! E x


  3. rusty duck says:

    Keep it scared of you. I was walking up the drive here this morning and saw a deer just stood watching me, casual as you like, chewing a mouthful of something from the garden. Two days ago it was happily grazing the lawn. Beautiful animals but definitely a mixed blessing.


    • Anne Wheaton says:

      It seems very unafraid at the moment and only runs off when we get quite close. Perhaps we shall have to get out one of the bird scarers to keep the deer and fox at bay.


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