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no award blog

Lovely as it is to receive awards, I’m not a fan of Blog Awards or Tagging and the whole naming of six other worthy blogs to pass the whole shebang onto. It all seems a little too reminiscent of those awful chain letters that used to get passed around. The first time I was tagged, I sort of joined in but I wasn’t happy about it and then had to edit the post I’d written for fear of upsetting everyone. Subsequently, I’m afraid I’ve just put awards to one side and then forgotten about them (sorry!).

So, this blog is now an Award and Tag Free Blog.

3 thoughts on “award and tag free blog

  1. thelandroverownerswife says:

    I’m award free too. I also felt that the awards were too reminiscent of chain letters and did a post explaining my position. I think I upset a couple of people which I felt guilty about for a while because I think their intentions were good but I had to be honest.


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