6 Favourite Things to Do With Rose Petals

I adore roses, not only in the garden but in the kitchen too and each year try to capture a little of that summer magic.

Choose flowers that are fresh and unsprayed and pick in the early morning before the sun blazes down on them. Give them a shake to dislodge the insects crawling amongst the petals.

Scroll down for my favourite ways to use rose petals.

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Roses in the garden and the kitchen


Slamseys Rose Gin

Rose petals picked from the garden on a summer’s morning are gently infused in gin to produce this exquisite drink. The best way to make use of rose petals!

fresh cheese with herbs and rose petals

Petal covered fresh cheese

We eat these little fresh cheese balls with flatbreads and salads of roasted vegetables or fresh green leaves throughout the summer.

rose petals for jam

Rose Petal Jam

Sitting under the shade of an apple tree eating scones spread with good butter and a generous dollop of Rose Petal Jam is a pretty good way to spend time on a sunny, summer’s day.